348 Proper names in Scrabble®

Proper names are supposed to be illegal... but these are all in the OSPD3!
Al Gore
Jimmy Carter
Henry Ford
Bill Gates
Jay Leno
Penny Marshall
Bob Hope
Chevy Chase
Benjamin Franklin
Tom Cruise
Henry Fielding
Patty Duke
Bonnie Parker
Willy Nelson
Tommy Lee Jones

Alan East Indian tree
Alana large hunting dog
Aleca herring
Almaan Egyptian girl who sings and dances professionally
Almahan Egyptian girl who sings and dances professionally
Annaa former coin of India
Argusan East Indian pheasant
Artan aesthetically pleasing... arrangement of elements
Ashto convert into ash
Bakerone that bakes
Basilan aromatic herb
Beardto oppose boldly
Bellean attractive woman
Benan inner room
Bennyan amphetamine tablet
Berthaa wide collar
Betha Hebrew letter
Biffto hit
Billto present a statement of costs to
Billya short club
Birchto whip
Boa pal
Bobto move up and down
Bobbya policeman
Bolivara monetary unit of Venezuela
Bonitaa bonito
Bonniebonny (pretty)
Bookerone that books
Boxerone that packs boxes
Brada thin nail
Brailleto write in braille (raised writing for the blind)
Buda undeveloped plant part
Burtona hoisting block
Busterone that breaks up something
Carla peasant
Carolto sing joyously
Carterone that carts
Carverone that carves
Celestea celesta (keyboard instrument)
Chada scrap of paper
Charleya fool
Charliea fool
Chaseto pursue
Chevyto chase about
Chicoa prickly shrub
Chopina type of show
Christiea skiing turn
Christya skiing turn
Chuckto throw
Ciscoa freshwater fish
Clarencea closed carriage
Clayto treat with clay
Cliffa high steep face of rock
Cooperto make or mend barrels
Dagwooda large sandwich
Daisya flowering plant
Dalea valley
Daltona unit of atomic mass
Daphnea flowering shrub
Davya safety lamp
Dawnto begin to grow light
Deana head of faculty
Deba debutante
Delverone that delves
Demya size of paper
Devonone of a breed of small, hardy, cattle
Dextersituated on the right
Dickto copulate with
Dickensa devil
Dirka small knife
Dollya wheeled platform
Doma title given to certain monks
Donto put on
Donnaan Italian lady
Dota tiny round mark
Dukea high ranking nobleman
Dustyfull of dust
Earla British nobleman
Eddyto move against the main current
Einsteina very intelligent person
Ericaa shrub of the heath family
Fagina person who instructs others in crime
Faithbelief or trust
Fannythe buttocks
Fayto join closely
Ferna flowerless vascular plant
Florencea former gold coin of Europe
Flossiea floozy
Fordto cross by wading
Frankhonest and unreserved in speech
Franklina medeival English landowner
Fritza non-functioning state
Galvanicpertaining to a direct electric current
Garveya small scow
Genea hereditary unit
Gilberta unit of magnetomotive force
Gillyto transport on a type of wagon
Gingerto flavor with ginger
Glena small valley
Gloriaa halo
Goreto pierce with a horn or tusk
Graceto give beauty to
Grahamwhole wheat flour
Grantto bestow upon
Guyto ridicule
Hankto fasten a sail
Hanselto give a gift to
Harpera harpist
Harryto pillage
Hatcherone that hatches
Hectorto bully
Henrya unit of inductance
Herba flowering plant with a non-woody stem
Herbyabounding in herbs
Hollya tree
Homerto hit a home run
Honeyto sweeten with honey
Hopedesire or expectation
Hoylea rule book
Irisa part of the eye
Jackto raise with a type of lever
Jackya sailor
Jadeto weary
Jakeall right, fine
Janea girl or woman
Jaya corvine bird
Jeana durable cotton fabric
Jehua fast driver
Jemmyto pry open with a crowbar (jimmy)
Jennya female donkey
Jeroboama wine bottle
Jerrya German soldier
Jerseya close-fitting knitted shirt
Jessto fasten straps around the legs of
Jesseto fasten straps around the legs of
Jesuita scheming person
Jewelto adorn or equip with jewels (precious stones)
Jezebela scheming wicked woman
Jilla unit of liquid measure
Jimmyto pry open with a crowbar
Joa sweetheart
Joannesa Portuguese coin
Jobto work by the piece
Jockoa monkey
Joea fellow
Joeya young kangaroo
Johannesa Portuguese coin
Johna toilet
Johnnya sleeveless hospital gown
Jonesa drug addiction
Jordana type of container
Josepha woman's long cloak
Joshto tease
Joulea unit of energy
Joyto rejoice
Judasa peephole
Kaythe letter K
Kayoto knock out
Kellya bright green color
Kelvina unit of temperature
Kento know
Kerryan Irish breed of cattle
Kingto reign as king (a male monarch)
Kipto sleep
Kitto equip
Kittya kitten or cat
Krisa short sword
Lamberta unit of illumination
Lanceto pierce with a lance
Langleya unit of illumination
LarsRoman gods
Lassiea lass
Lauraa type of monastary
Laurelto crown with a wreath of evergreen
Leeto shelter from the wind
Lenoa style of weaving
Levyto impose or collect, as tax
Lilya flowering plant
Lollya lollipop
Louiea lieutenant
Louisa former gold coin of France
Lucifera friction match
Maca raincoat
Macadama type of pavement
Magdalena reformed prostitute
Mamiea tropical tree
Manlylike a man
Marcthe residue after a fruit has been pressed
Marcelto make a deep soft wave in the hair
Margea margin
Mariadark areas on the surface of the moon or Mars
Marigolda flowering plant
Marinaa docking area for small boats
Markto make a visible impression on
Marshallto put in proper order
Martina small bird
Masonto build with stone or brick
Matildaa hobo's bundle
Mattto produce a dull finish on
Maxwella unit of magnetic flux
Mayto gather flowers in the spring
Melodyan agreeable succession of musical sounds
Merlea blackbird
Merlina European falcon
Mickan Irishman
Mickeya drugged drink
Mikea microphone
Millerone that mills
Miltto impgregnate with milt (fish sperm)
Miltyfull of milt (fish sperm)
Mimprimly demure
Minnya minnow
Moa moment
Mollya tropical fish
Morgana unit of distance between genes
Morrisan English folk dance
Morsedesignating a code used in telegraphy
Morta note sounded on a hunting horn
Nana round flat bread
Nanaa grandmother
Napoleona type of pastry
Nelliean effeminate male
Nellyan effeminate male
Nelsona wrestling hold
Nestora wise old man
Newta small salamander
Newtona unit of force
Nickto make a shallow cut in
Noela Christmas card
Norma standard
Oedipalpertaining to libidinal feelings of a child...
Ohma unit of electrical resistance
Olivea small fruit
Ottofragrant oil
Pageto summon by calling out the name of
Palmera religious pilgrim
Pamthe Jack of Clubs in some card games
Parra young salmon
Patto touch lightly
Patsyone who is easily fooled
Pattiea thin, flat cake of food
Pattya thin, flat cake of food
Pennya coin of the United Kingdom
Peterto diminish gradually
Piaa membrane of the brain
Pierceto cut or pass into or through
Piketo pierce with a pike (a long spear)
Pinkythe little finger
Piperone who plays a pipe
Quislinga traitor who aids the invaders of his country
Ralphto vomit
Reedto fasten with reeds (the stalks of tall grasses)
Rega regulation
Reginaa queen
Rehoboama wine bottle
Rexa king
Richhaving wealth
Rickto pile hay in stacks
Robto take property from illegally
Robina songbird
Rodto provide with a rod
Roentgena unit of radiation dosage
Rogera pirate flag
Romeoa male lover
Rontgena unit of radiation dosage
Roseto make the color of a rose (a reddish flower)
Rubea rustic
Rubydeep red
Rustycovered with rust
Sabina unit of sound absorption
Sallyto rush out suddenly
Sandersone that sands
Sandycovered with sand
Saula soul
Sawyerone that saws wood for a living
Shawto show
Shawnan early woodwind instrument
Sheaan African tree
Sheilaa young woman
Shellyabounding in seashells
Simonythe buying or selling of a church office
Smitha worker in metals
Solthe fifth note of diatonic scale
Sonnya small boy
Sonnya small boy
Sophya Persian ruler
Spencera trysail
Spikea long thick nail
Spudto remove with a spadelike tool
Steina beer mug
Stewto cook by boiling slowly
Sueto institute legal proceedings again
Tabto name or designate
Tada small boy
Tammiea fabric of mixed fibers
Tammya fabric of mixed fibers
Tedto spread for drying
Teddya woman's undergarment
Terryan abosrbent fabric
Texasthe uppermost structure on a steamboat
Thatcherone that thatches
Tiffanya thin, mesh fabric
Timothya European grass
Tipto tilt
Tobya type of drinking mug
Toda British unit of weight
Tomto behave like an Uncle Tom
Tommya loaf of bread
Troya system of weights
Turnerone that turns
Twaina set of two
Vana type of motor vehicle
Veronicaa handkerchief with Christ's face
Victorone who defeats the enemy
Victoriaa light carriage
Violaa stringed instrument
Violeta flowering plant
Wallysomething visually pleasing
Wardto turn aside
Warrena place where rabbits live
Watta unit of power
Webstera weaver
Willto decide upon
Willyto willow
Wiltto become limp
Woodyresembling wood

Thanks to Larry A. Taylor of UCLA for suggesting a number of these.