125 Place names in Scrabble®

Proper names are supposed to be illegal... but these are all in the OSPD3!

Afghania monetary unit of Afghanistan
Afghana woolen blanket or shawl
Amazona tall, powerful woman
Arabicderived from gum arabic
Arcadiaa region of simple pleasure and quiet
Arlesmoney paid to bind a bargain
Attica story or room directly below the roof of a house
Bangkoka straw hat
Barrowa type of cart
Berlina type of carriage
Bethesdaa chapel
Bikinia type of bathing suit
Boliviaa soft fabric
Bostona card game
Brasila dyewood
Brazila dyewood
Bristolsmooth cardboard
Brita young herring
Burgundy a red wine
Canary a songbird
Cayennea hot seasoning
Celta primitive ax
Chada scrap of paper
Cheddara type of cheese
Chicanoan American of Mexican descent
Chinafine porcelain ware
Cochina large domestic chicken
Cognaca brandy
Colognea scented liquid
Coloradoof medium strength and color - used of cigars
Concorda state of agreement
Congoa Chinese tea
Cordobaa monetary unit of Nicaragua
Corkto stop up
Curacaoa type of liqueur
Cypriana prostitute
Cyprusa thin fabric (cypress)
Damaskto weave with elaborate design
Danisha pastry of raised dough
Delfan earthenware
Delftan earthenware
Derby a type of hat
Druidone of an ancient Celtic order of priests
Dutchwith each person paying for himself
Dutchmansomething used to hide structural defects
Egyptiana typeface with squared serifs
English to cause a billiard ball to spin around its vertical axis
Florenceformer gold coin of Europe (florin)
Frenchto cut into thin strips before cooking
Galileea type of porch
Geneva a liquor
Genoa a triangular sail
Germaniccontaining Germanium (a metallic element)
Germanan elaborate dance
Goaan Asian gazelle
Greeksomething unintelligible
Guernseya woolen shirt
Guineaa former British coin
Hollanda cotton fabric
Ionica style of type
Italica style of print
Japanto coat with a glossy, black lacquer
Jerseya close-fitting, knitted shirt
Jezaila type of firearm
Jordana type of container
Kenta past tense of ken, to know
Labradora hunting dog
Levantto avoid a debt
Limathe edible seed of a tropical American plant
Lucerne alfalfa
Madeiraa white wine
Madrasa cotton fabric
Manilaa strong paper
Marshalsto marshal
Mayanpertaining to the power to produce illusions, in Hindu philosophy
Mayathe power to produce illusions, in Hindu philosophy
Meccaa place visited by many people
Mongola person affected with a form of mental deficiency
Moorto secure a vessel by means of cables
Moroccoa soft leather
Muscata sweet, white grape
Nicepleasing to the senses
Nomea province of modern Greece
Olympiada celebration of the Olympic games
Oxforda type of shoe
Palmyraa tropical tree
Panamaa lightweight hat
Parisa European herb
Phoenixa mythological bird
Polish to make smooth and lustrous by rubbing
Prussicpertaining to a type of acid
Pyrrhica type of metrical foot
Romana metrical narrative of medieval France
Samaraa dry, one-seeded fruit
Sandwich to place between two layers of objects
Savannaha flat, treeless grassland
Savannaa flat, treeless grassland
Scotch to put a definite end to
Scota tax
Sedana type of automobile
Shanghaito kidnap for service aboard a ship
Shetlanda wool yarn
Sodoma place notorious for vice and corruption
Spartanavoiding luxury and comfort
Swedea rutabaga
Swissa cotton fabric
Texasthe uppermost structure on a steamboat
Toledoa finely tempered sword
Tongaa light cart used in India
Toursto travel from place to place
Turkeya large American bird
Turkone who eagerly advocates change
Tyreto furnish with a covering for a wheel
Valenciaa woven fabric
Venetiana flexible window screen
Warsawa marine fish
Waterlooa decisive defeat
Welsh to fail to pay a debt
Xeniathe effects of pollen on certain plant structures
Zairea monetary unit of Zaire

Thanks to Larry A. Taylor of UCLA for suggesting many of these, and to Langford Griffing.