"Somalia" '12
Saint-Exupéry on Stamps "St. Elena" '12
"Somali Republic"

"Cinderella" - a label

"bogus", "not official", not a postage stamp
various online sources report...
"all stamps inscribed Somali Republic are considered
illegal issues by the Universal Postal Union"
(dated 2000 but first seen in 2012)


photo by John Phillips

"A.S. Exupery"


other "stamps" apparently from the same series
(probably all issued in "souvineer sheets")

Charles DeGaulle

Mao Tse-Tung

Mother Teresa

Neil Armstrong

Walt Disney

Muhammad Ali

Henri Matisse

Ernest Hemingway

Alfred Hitchcock

Andy Warhol

"Somalia" '12
Saint-Exupéry on Stamps
"St. Elena" '12