ERB-dom No. 94
& The Fantastic Collector No. 252, page 29
October 1994



by Hank Ward

There seems to be some question about the books of Irving Crump. In particular, the OG books. A major authority [I don't know who this refers to] lists 4, but there is more to his bibliography.

There was also OG, SON OF FIRE (1936), A Big Little Book (#1115) based on Og's radio adventures.

For some reason, unknown, OG, BOY OF BATTLE is shown in Hudson and the Univ. of South Florida biblios as being issued in 1936 ... my Dodd, Mead copy gives the copyright date(s) as 1925, 1926 ... [I think this is a typo by Hank Ward - my copy shows "1924, 1925"] so, possibly a typo in the biblios which has been perpetuated. Anyway, this ties in a "companion" title, MOG, THE MOUND BUILDER (1931) and this opening paragraph by Crump in his "Forward" ... "Since the publication of the two stories of Og, which were the adventures of a prehistoric boy of Europe, I have received a number of letters from boys in this country suggesting that I write a story of the adventures of a prehistoric American boy. Mog is the youth who has been developed from these suggestions."

So, in my opinion, the 6 Crump/ OG listing should be:

Along with Ward's brief bibliographic article was a reprint of the back cover dustjacket blurb of Crump's 1965 Dodd, Mead & Co. Og, Son of Og, and this brief note from the ERB-dom editor:

THE CLOUD PATROL is an aviation story and another series altogether. Some of his other books are OUR STATE POLICE, OUR UNITED STATES COAST GUARD ACADEMY, and with James Crump, DRAGON BONES IN THE YELLOW EARTH. -Caz