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Irving Crump's
1936. Og - Son of Fire
"Based on the famous radio adventure series"

Big Little Book #1115
Racine, Wisconsin
Whitman Publishing Co.


The Great Gray Wolves

Og, Ru and Nada stood guarding their fire, straining ears and eyes as they awaited the coming of the wolves! The howling, which had grown louder as the pack trailed them, now took on an uncertain note, and, for a moment, there was silence.

The Three Stood Guard

"I am hungry," Ru made the assertion suddenly. "If we had some meat now, we could eat."

"Oh, Ru!" There was accusation in Nada's voice. "You are hungry! How can you think of such a thing — now!"

Again came the warning cry of the wolves, and this time, with a regularity and purpose as though they had definitely found the scent of the Cave People.

"Hi-yah!" There was bitterness in Og's cry. "There are others who are hungry!"

In great fear Nada pleaded, "Oh, Og, do not let them get me — their yellow teeth will tear the flesh from my bones!"

Ru spoke with disgust to hide his own terror.

"If they eat you, they will get us too, Foolish One."

With emphatic decision Og reached for his only weapon.

"We must prepare to fight them off, Ru. Look to your stone axe."

"Mine is here," Ru reached for axe. "But small use against a pack like that."

"Gather wood, Nada," Og ordered. "We must heap our fires high, so they will fear it."

Mad with fear Nada exerted her strength, gathering more wood, heaping it high upon their fire, till the flames roared and crackled.

"Let us make three fires," Ru suggested. "Then we will be surrounded, with the cliff behind us."

"An excellent thought," commented Og.

The three set to work, constructing a wall of flame. Then, amid the fire and smoke, they gathered stones. Her hands bruised, her body weary, her heart sick with fright, Nada paused a moment and looked into the dark that now enveloped their battleground.

"Og — Ru — Look!" Her cry was one of tense alarm. "Out there in the darkness! Great glowing eyes!"

Ru gripped her hand. "There ARE eyes out there in the dark, Og," he spoke fearfully.

Now a new note had insinuated itself into the yelping of the pack.

"Hear that!" Og hissed. "They have changed their call. They think they have us cornered and they are getting ready for the kill."

Ugly black shapes and wickedly glaring eyes seemed to fill the darkness about them. Cautious hunters, the wolves moved in slowly upon them, fearful of the protecting fire. Their eyes gleaming, their red tongues dripping with hunger, the wolves advanced, nearer and nearer.

"They are big ones from the north," Og told Ru tensely. "Great gray wolves. They can pull down a hairy mammoth or a wooly rhinoceros."

Nada watched in deadly fascination.

"There is the great chief wolf, slinking along in the lead," she spoke as in a dream, her voice dim and unreal to her own ears.

"Quick," commanded Og. "They are getting courage now. Let them have the stones, Ru!"

"I will!" Ru responded with action, pitching a heavy rock.

There was a cry of pain which split the darkness.

"A good throw, Ru," Og lifted a stone high and threw it.

"Og, you cracked his ribs!" Nada cried. "But there are others slinking up. The big chief — he is bolder — he is slinking up!"

The great gray wolves were now plainly visible. Hunger and the boldness of their chief gave them courage. The glaring eyes came nearer. The chief, with a powerful leap, was over the fire and upon them.

"Og — Ru!" Nada gave an agonizing scream.

"Let me at him! Let me at him with my stone axe!" And Og leaped into the fight with a fierceness that matched that of the wolf.

"Kill him! Kill him!" The lust of battle in Ru's cry.

It seemed a hopeless battle at the start, but finally the blows of the heavy stone axes began to tell. The wolf leader loosed his hold upon Nada and tried to fend off the steady hammering of the powerful weapons. Remorselessly Og and Ru battled, their struggles forcing them into the very flames of the fires, until, blood-soaked and exhausted, they looked upon the death agony of the wolf. Then they sought to discover the extent of Nada's hurt.

"My arm—" Nada quavered in pain. "His teeth went to the bone — is he dead?"

"Yes," Og set her at ease. "He is dead."

"The others are not so brave now their leader is gone." Ru peered out into the blackness.

"We can drive them away before they get back their courage — seize fire brands, Ru—" And Og leaped after the slinking pack, holding aloft a flaming torch.

"See them go!" Ru exulted.


"Drive them — oh, drive them forever!" Nada shouted from the fire. "Oh — Og, Ru —whatever would have become of me were it not for your strength — your courage!"

Og and Ru paid no attention to her words of gratitude and praise — they scarcely heard them.

"Hi-yah!" Og gave a triumphant battle cry. "Hi-yah!"

With howls and yelps the great gray wolves scattered before the torches.

"Hi-yah!" came Og's voice, "Hear us, spirit of Ak! Hear us, wise one. We drive them back with fire of our own making! Hi-yah!"

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