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Irving Crump's
1936. Og - Son of Fire
"Based on the famous radio adventure series"

Big Little Book #1115
Racine, Wisconsin
Whitman Publishing Co.


Into the Fire Mountain

Pong, the Devil Doctor, watched, an evil light in his eye, as the People surrounded Og and Ru.

"They have brought back food," clamored the People. "Look, they have mussels!"

The People Surrounded Them

"It is not good food!" shouted Pong. "There is a curse on it. Only my magic can make it good. Give it to me, Og, lest it bring harm to you."

"Oh, no!" Og laughed loudly at the Devil Doctor. "Always by some trick you manage to cheat the People out of the best mussels. But these are for Ak, the Old One. He has food now. He will not be a burden!"

Pong's face was black with rage.

"It Is Not Good Food."

"He has already brought a curse on the People!" cried the Devil Doctor. "He must be cast out!"

Nada spoke stoutly in defense of her father.

"That is a lie! My father has not brought a curse on the People. My father only seeks to make the People happy. It is Pong who has brought a curse on the People!"

"It is Pong who should be stoned, and cast out!" spoke Og with mighty decision. "Pong, the Devil Doctor; Pong — the cheater!"

Nada, Og and Ru

A murmur against Pong rose among the People.

"Have a care!" thundered the Devil Doctor. "I will put a curse on Og and Ru. I will make the Fire Monster consume them!"

As though in answer to his command there came a terrific crashing sound from the volcano.

"Look, look!" the People cried in great fear. "Pong has put a curse on Og and Ru. The Fire Mountain is angry! It may destroy the People!"

There Came a Terrific Crashing Sound

"Aye, the Fire Monster is angry with the People that they let Og and Ru and Ak the Old One defy them" The Devil Doctor raised his hands in a mighty, sweeping gesture. "The Gods will destroy us all! Cast out these evil ones! Stone them and carry their bodies to the Valley of the Mist."

"Stone them!" In a fever of fear the people reiterated the cry of the Devil Doctor. "Cast them out or the gods will destroy us!"

Their cries mounted. In a frenzy they began to gather stones.

"Pong Should Be Cast Out!"

"Og! Ru! Run!" Nada cried in great terror.

"Hi-yah!" Og placed his arms across his mighty chest. "We will never run. We do not fear your stones! Come! Attack! We defy the Cave People!" he declared.

Nada Cried in Great Terror

But the attack was halted suddenly. The voice of Ak rose gently, calmly, but with quiet command.

"I am old," spoke Ak. "I have not long to live. I will go willingly into the Valley of the Mist and face the Fire Monster. If I return I will laugh at Pong and his magic for I will bring back with me fire. It shall be the servant of the People. I have spoken."

"He will go alone!" There was awe in the voice of the People now. "Great and brave is Ak!"

The Voice of Ak Rose Gently

"He will not go alone!" protested Nada, taking her stand at her father's side. "I will go to protect him!"

In a single stride Og stood beside them. "Then I will go with you both. My stone axe shall protect you!"

"And I will be at your side," spoke Ru. "We will all go with Ak the Thinker!"

"He Will Not Go Alone!"

There was a disagreeable smile on the face of Pong, the Devil Doctor.

"You will not come back," he said menacingly, "the Fire Monster and the devils of the Valley of the Mist consume you."

But the People, in high exaltation, beat upon the drums and formed a triumphant procession to accompany Ak and the others to the Fire Mountain.

The People Stood by Ak

"Ak, my father," whispered Nada, "do you think we will ever come back? None of the old ones the People have sent there before us has ever returned."

"Who knows? Give me my skull splitter, Nada. And now, walk slowly. I am old and the way is steep."

Nada Picked Up the Skull Splitter

"Aye, the way is steep," spoke Og, overtaking them. "Help him upward, Nada. Ru and I will go ahead with our stone axes ready to defend you."

The Way Was Steep

There came a mighty sound of steam, a hiss of geysers and bubbling of pools of hot water. The thunder of the volcano beat upon them. It was as though they marched upward to the music of the Fire Mountain. The chanting of the People, the beating of the drums grew fainter and fainter and then were finally heard no more.

"Be not afraid," Ak advised, them confidently. "Death is the worse we face and death is easy."

Nada Helped Her Father

"Pong was the first to fall back," said Og, with contempt in his voice.

Pong is a coward!" And Ru swung his axe.

Nada cried out in terror. "Look ahead. See the shapes moving in the steam. I fear them! Death is waiting for us. Look, look, in the steam there! Og, Ru, protect us!"

Nada hid her face in her hands.

"Courage, Nada. Do not be afraid."

The Hiss of Geysers Frightened Nada

The measured, determined words of Ak forced them on and on.

"Perhaps there we can learn the secret of how to tame fire and make it man's servant. It has been my wish to do this before I die. It is a good and brave thing we are doing for our People."

And the four went on into the Fire Mountain.

The Four Went On

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