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Irving Crump's
1936. Og - Son of Fire
"Based on the famous radio adventure series"

Big Little Book #1115
Racine, Wisconsin
Whitman Publishing Co.


The New Village

The Cave People made their way swiftly down the Great River. The log upon which they had found safety was larger and more trustworthy than the one on which they had eluded the savage crocodiles. Floating with the current, and using as paddles the long sticks which Og and Ru had found on the shore,

They Floated Down the River

they looked back upon Long Tooth and the Flat Heads as they danced wildly upon the shore, hooting angrily. Some even gave chase and tried to follow along the water's edge, but were soon forced to give up the unequal race.

"Oh, I hope we never see a Flat Head again," Nada breathed fervently.

"You are weary, Nada," Og looked upon the girl pityingly. "Soon as we are out of danger we shall rest."

After they had floated out of danger, a favorable spot presented itself and the Cave People landed and made a camp. Nada and Wab tended the fire while the men hunted meat. Their hunger appeased, they slept deeply, and at dawn the following day they resumed their southward journey down the Great River.

Thus passed many days.

While hunting for food one evening, Og came upon a flint knife and called excitedly to Ru.

"Look, Ru! This knife belongs to Sud, the Hunter!"

"That means we are nearing the new village of our People!" Ru shouted in happiness.

Together they sped to the fire to bring the glad tidings to Nada and Wab, and thereafter, they spent more hours on the log boat, paddling with the current, to hasten their homecoming.

One morning, rounding a bend in the river, they beheld the new village of their People.

"I know it, though I have never seen it before!" Nada cried with tears of happiness.

"The cliffs seem much the same," Og said, peering ahead intently. "The caves, too. It looks to be a well protected spot," Ru leaped to the shore and pulled the log boat in well.

Out came the Cave People, much afraid at first, thinking these were ghosts returned from the Fire Mountain.

"What is this?"

A voice of command broke the circle which surrounded the heroes, as Pong, the Devil Doctor, advanced. When he saw who stood there his color changed and he trembled violently and seemed, of a sudden, to become an old man.

"It — is — you!" stammered Pong.

"It is I!" Og made answer. "And Ru and Nada and Little Wab. We have conquered Fire as Ak the thinker prophesied."

Og struck the flint, Nada held the dried grass, Ru and Little Wab blew the spark until it flamed. The Cave People watched in awe. In wondering enjoyment they tasted cooked meat. Murmuring excitedly they touched the bow and arrow, the flint-tipped spears, the jackets of tiger-skin. With marveling looks they heard of the Cave of Medicine Salt.

"We shall make Og our Devil Doctor!" cried the People. "Pong is old and useless. Let Pong go into the Fire Mountain!"

"No," spoke Og sternly. "The Fire Mountain is no monster to be fed. Fire is meant to serve mankind. We have no need of a Devil Doctor. We shall all strive together, using the gifts that have been given us, for the betterment of our People. Ak the thinker would have it so!"

The Cave People raised their hands in acceptance.

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