The Japan Times, January 12, 1999

Humanoid fossils found, dated at 5 million years

ADDIS ABABA (AP) Fossils of an apparent human ancestor believed to be 5 million years old have been discovered in Ethiopia, a newspaper report said Sunday.
A team of researchers representing 13 countries found the fossils in the Awash Valley, where the 3.2 million-year-old partial skeleton of an early hominid called Lucy, and known scientifically as Australopithecus afarensis, was discovered in 1974.
One of the researchers, Professor Tim White of the University of California at Berkeley, described the latest find as "extraordinary."
He announced the discovery during a meeting Friday at Addis Ababa University, the English-language Ethiopian Herald reported.
Dr. Berhane Asfaw, an Ethiopian member of the team, said the fossil skull of a hominid believed to be 2 1/2 million to 3 million years old was also found at the site.
Berhane said further tests would determine the significance and age of the fossils. The results will be available in about two years, he said.