The Japan Times, October 20, 1998

Skull, ax looted from prehistoric French cave

PARIS (AP) Vandals looted a prehistoric cave Sunday that was discovered by road workers late last week, making off with a skull, an ax and pottery believed to be at least 4,000 years old.
The thieves penetrated the cave, which had been left unguarded, through a hole in the side that had been blocked by a large rock, police said.
Local researchers called the cave an "exceptional discovery" after it was discovered Friday by two workers building the new A75 highway in the Languedoc region of southern France.
Four human skeletons, three adults and a child who was believed to be a little girl, were preserved in the cave, as well as cooking pots, an ax and a vase.
Researcher Christian Olive said he believed was a burial site that could date back to 2000 B.C.
The area immediately was sealed off and work stopped on that part of the new highway. But the cave was not guarded.
France's most famous prehistoric is Lascaux in the Dordogne region.