The Japan Times, November 30, 1997

Taliban jails 10 for eyeing dancer

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) Afghanistan's Islamic Taliban rulers jailed 10 men Friday for watching someone dance to music.
Taliban radio, monitored in Pakistan, said the men defied repeated warnings that such behavior was non-Islamic.
It was thought to be the first time since the Taliban came to power in September last year that the purist Islamic movement jailed anyone for defying a ban on music and dancing.
The radio did not say whether the dancer was a man or a woman. It said the offense took place in Paghman district.
The Taliban outlawed music and dance in a radical revision of the nation's 13 centuries of Muslim beliefs.
Women in areas under Taliban control have to wear full-length veils, or burqas, cannot travel or go out alone and are not allowed education.
The radio quoted the department for Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice as saying the men were given one-month jail sentences and unspecified punishment.