The Japan Times
July 6, 2001

Ancient skeletons found in Miami

MIAMI (AP) Archaeologists say they have found human remains up to 2,500 years old in a downtown Miami park near a mysterious stone circle believed to have been used as a trading post by Tequesta Indians.

Test holes dug in the 1-hectare Brickell Park have exposed the bones of at least 12 people, archaeologist Bob Carr told The Miami Herald. Carr said the remains span from about 500 B.C. to the year 500.

"It's an astonishing development," Carr said. "This appears to be the selected mortuary for the Tequesta town on the south side of the Miami River. These were the people who were using the Miami Circle."

The fact that scientists dug only 41 small holes but found so many remains means there could be between 50 and 100 bodies buried at the location, Carr said.

The discovery immediately ended plans for a high-rise on the site. Gotham Partners, a development firm that conditionally agreed to buy the site for $18 million, has bowed out.