The Japan Times
March 30, 2000

Ancient Egyptian art displayed for first time

CAIRO (Reuters) Egypt displayed for the first time Tuesday ancient Egyptian icons discovered by Egyptian and foreign archaeologists as part of a major Egyptology conference being held in Cairo.

The exhibition, inaugurated by Culture Minister Farouk Hosni, included 100 portraits of ancient Egyptians discovered by archaeologists from about 15 nations.

"What we tried to do is give examples of the work that's been done through the last 50 years by some of our colleagues on foreign expeditions," said Gaballah Ali Gaballah, secretary general of the Supreme Council for Antiquities.

The exhibition included statues, reliefs, paintings, gold coins and jewelry discovered over the years.

One statue shows a nursemaid holding four princes and princesses dated to the 18th Dynasty (1500 B.C.), and another shows an unknown kneeling girl dating to the 26th Dynasty (600-500 B.C.).

More than 1,500 Egyptologists from over 50 nations are in Cairo for the conference, which lasts until Monday, to discuss obstacles they face in excavation work and ways to further boost interest in the delta area.

A STATUE OF A NURSE holding princesses and princes is displayed for the first time Tuesday in Cairo. AP PHOTO