The Japan Times, July 17, 1999

Paintings, tools found in Egypt cave

CAIRO (Reuters) An Egyptian-Belgian archaeological mission has found a cave with remains dating back to 7,000 BC at al-Qoseir on Egypt's Red Sea coast, the state owned al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Friday.

It quoted Gaballah Ali Gaballah, secretary general of the Supreme Antiquities Council, as saying tools and paintings recording daily life had been discovered inside the cave.

Mohamed al-Sughayer, head of the Egyptian archaeology department, said the team had found a collection of Stone Age tools, including axes, scrapers, knives and awls made of granite, as well as wall paintings of animals, birds and boats.

Al-Akhbar quoted Sughayer as saying the mission had found similar tools from the same period in another cave 500 meters away.