The Japan Times, February 12, 1997

Scientists say habitation site in Chile is 12,500 years old

DALLAS (UPI-Kyodo) Texas archaeologists reported they discovered remnants of human habitation in southern Chile that are more than 1,000 years older than items found at previously dated sites in the New World.
Dr. Alex Barker of the Dallas Museum of Natural History said the site, known as Monte Verde, is 12,500 years old. That is older than spear points found in Clovis, N.M., that are believed to be about 11,200 years old.
Barker said the discovery is "Probably the biggest change in North American archaeology in 50 years.
The findings of the team were released Monday during a news conference at the museum, which sponsored the expedition. A team of ten archaeologists visited the site in early January.
Many experts believe that man migrated across a land bridge that connected Asia to Alaska 12,000 years ago, spreading southward over the next several hundred years.

Monte Verde, Chile This file photo taken here in 1983 shows prehistoric stakes driven into the ground to serve as supports for a hut. Scientists say human habitation at the site dates back 12,500 years. AP PHOTO