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Og... on the radio: 1934-35

15 minute segments, 3 times a week, at 5:00 (in most areas)
part of the Libby Packing Adventure Hour

Original trolley poster (Atlanta, Georgia, ca. 1934), from the collection of Rick Payne, who explains... The cardboard sign is 11" x 21". Signs this size were produced principally to be displayed in buses and trolley cars, where the location guaranteed widespread awareness among commuters and shoppers. Here's another, for Boys' Life, 1932:


Apparently no recordings of the Og radio shows survive, nor any scripts or transcripts. If you (or your parents or grandparents, et al.) remember any of the episodes, please contact me, and we can try to preserve these memories, even if they are incomplete.


November 23, 1934 - June 28, 1935 (94 episodes)
June 29-Sept 29 - summer break
September 30, 1935 - December 27, 1935
(39 episodes)

[Jack French, Old Time Radio BBS, lists the these dates (above). Boys' Life ads (below) show "starting Oct. 1", and other sources (e.g. "On The Air") show Oct. 1, 1934 - Dec. 27, 1935, without indicating the summer break. If French's dates are correct, there were approximately 133 15-minute episodes, less than 45 weeks, for a total of about 34 hours of show time.]


Truman Bradley
[based on the letter accompanying the Og premiums]


Alfred Brown : Og
Patricia Dunlap
: Nada
James Andelin
: Ru
Reg Knorr
: Big Tooth
Jess Pugh
Karl Way

Sound effects

Herb Johnson
Louie Wehr

"...according to a Variety review. Soundmen Herb Johnson and Louie Wehr were cited for noisiest effects and for creativity in bringing brontosauri and other beasts to life."

(Oxford University Press, May 7, 1998, 822 pp.) by John Dunning

Libby's ad, Oct. 1934 Boys' Life
for the first installment:

click image to enlarge

Og, Son of Fire

by Rex Miller, Antique Trader Weekly, May 1, 1996

Afternoon Adventures with Radio's Favorite Cave Boy

by Ed Knapp, Reminisce, Jan/Feb 1998

Have you ever heard of Og?

Mary Canrobert, Charlotte Observer, April 29, 2001

"Og, Son of Fire"

from "Heaven's Dusty Roads" by E.T. Braun, 1998

(text of the Libby's ad above)

TIME ROLLS BACK a hundred thousand years for you in these adventures of Og... back to a time when strange and horrible beasts roamed the earth... terrible killers who relentlessly stalked the families of men.

Exciting, thrilling entertainment! Master radio showmen will re-create for you the crashing thunder of volcanoes belching fiery destruction... the trumpetings of enraged woolly mammoths... the snarls of sabre-toothed tigers... the clamorous voices of the fear-haunted cave people... the brave words of Og and his faithful friend Ru.

Irving Crump, the man who created the character of Og for Boys' Life, has written a whole series of Og episodes for this radio program. They're new Og stories, never published. And you'll enjoy them as you've never enjoyed these stories before, because they'll live for you when you hear them on the radio.

This program is sponsored by Libby, McNeill & Libby — which, as most Scouts know, is the company that has given official Boy Scout uniforms and equipment without cost to thousands of boys, in return for the labels of Libby's Evaporated Milk.

(If you need any equipment and haven't got the money to buy it, just send the coupon below to find out all about the Libby Scout Plan. It's easy — nothing to sell. Scouts everywhere are using it right now — more every day. So send the coupon now to get all the dope!)

"Og, Son of Fire" on the radio. Be sure to tune in on the first broadcast — Monday, October 1st!

from the same Oct. 1934 issue

This notice appeared in the April, 1935 issue of Boys' Life magazine,
along with the Og story "Death to the Red Beards"

This notice appeared in the June, 1935 issue of Boys' Life magazine,
in a Libby's advertisement.

This notice from a Libby's ad in the
November, 1935 issue of Boys' Life magazine,
reminds listeners that Og had returned September 30 from the summer break.
Although there was still an ad in the January 1936 issue,
December 27, 1935 was the last broadcast of the series.

According to Jay Hickerson's "Ultimate History of Network Radio..."
no shows from this series have survived.

1936. Og - Son of Fire - the Big Little Book.
"Based on the famous radio adventure series by Irving Crump".

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