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Libby Adventure Map   OG Adventure Game

Og radio premiums... 1935


Libby's Milk, sponsor of the radio show, offered these premiums that listeners could send for, small (2½" / 6 cm) lead figurines, produced by Lincoln Logs (USA).

Three Horn
Dinosaurs? Yes, apparently the radio show added dinosaurs to the cave boy's adventures, although such anachronisms don't appear in the books. The radio show also seems to have replaced Og and Ru's young sidekick Tao with a girl, Nada... for romantic interest?.

The figures arrived in the mail in little cardboard cannisters like these
— 1½¢ postage paid! —
with an accompanying letter like this:

Libby, McNeill & Libby
Food Products

Dear Friend:

Here is the statuette of Og for which you asked. We know you'll be pleased with it.

This statuette of Og is the first of a whole line that you can get -- statuettes of Nada, Big Tooth, Ru, and so on -- all the characters who take part in "Og, Son of Fire."

Think how grand it will be to have all of them -- standing in line on your radio, or on the bureau or desk in your room! Listen carefully to the announcements following the "Og, Son of Fire" programs; in just a short time you will hear Truman Bradley telling you how you can get a statuette of Nada.

But really -- these statuettes, attractive as they are, hardly compare with the other wonderful things Libby is offering to boys and girls and mothers. Libby's big free Gift Book shows over 300 marvelous presents -- and you can get any of them or as many as you want, without cost.

Full information about this marvelous offer is given in Libby's Gift Book. If you haven't already sent for a copy, do it today! Just print your name and address plainly- on the back of a one cent government postcard, and mail it to Libby, McNeill & Libby, Chicago, Illinois. You'll receive your own personal copy of the Gift Book immediately.

Listen for announcements of more statuettes.

Yours for the things you want,

Libby, McNeill & Libby

The Og statuette was released first, followed by Nada, Big Tooth, and then Ru.
Rex also came in a cannister, but 3-horn was delivered in a small box...

newspaper clipping (unknown source, date):
"All six Libby's Lincoln Logs metal figures from radio's 'Og, Son of Fire' serial. Original mailers include the only known Three Horn in its shipping box. A complete set, as shown, is valued at more than $3,000. A major rarity." (Thanks to Paul Neumayer)

The Libby Adventure Map

The premier radio premium
produced by the show's sponsor.

Adventures of Og - Son of Fire © Libby McNeill & Libby 1935.
Fred Boulton, Cartographer. 15x19¾"

(click to enlarge)

The map provides the best evidence for the themes of many of the radio episodes, as it is a record of "Three Journeys" of Og and his friends.

Journey 1, the red line at upper left, more or less exactly parallels the Big Little Book version of the Og saga.

The Three Journeys (as recorded on the map)

1st Journey
1st Village
Valley of Mist
Here died Ak - Father of Nada
Great wolf pack
Found Wab here
Captured by Tree People
Met Mountain-That-Walks
Tree People Valley
Forest Fire
Invent bow & arrow and kill Sabre Tooth
Tiger's Cave

Great Cave where they met Stalking Death
Came out here - Captured by Flatheads
Flathead Village - they lived in trees
Rescued Wab from Flatheads
They escaped on a log
Great River
2nd Cave Village
2nd Journey
2nd Cave Village
Found Big Tooth wounded here
Hunt goats here
Underground River
Here Big Tooth killed Thunderer
Met first glacier
Little Glacier where mammoths are frozen in
Captured by Red Beards
Ice Cave

Land of Fog
They thought this was the end of the world
Cave where Red Beards held them captive
Snow Slide
Land of Giant Men
Herd of Mastadons
Swamp of Reptiles
Turtle Beach - Chased by Red Beards
Met three-horned reptile here
Little Horses
Killed Red Beards here
2nd Cave Village
3rd Journey
2nd Cave Village
Start of 3rd Journey on raft -- to rescue
Sud, Gar and others from Red Beards
Big crocodile tried to get on raft
Carried out to sea
Tried sail here
Sea Serpent adventure
Great Moa Beach - Jungle
Lost raft here
Cave where Ru rescued Nada from giant spider
Here Og save life of Ipo, Pigmy chief
Stalking Death and Great Rhino fight
Great Rhino killed in pit here
Pigmy Village
Lake - great crocodile captured in net
Land of fire pits

Little horses here
Og fell into fire pit here
Great Swamp - Bird Bats and Thunder Beasts
Grassy meadow where Nada tamed stray little horse
Oasis - Here little horse found water
Great Wolf Pack - killed little horse
Yang's Dog People's stronghold in the mountain
Yang's Village that Red Beards seized
Fire Pit where great battle occurred
Land of Red Beards
They came down river on raft
Went down on raft after flood
Falls - Lost Ru and Nada here
Found by Ab and Cave People
2nd Cave Village

OG Adventure Game

Whitman, publisher of the Big Little Book,
produced an Og - Son of Fire adventure board game.

(click on an image to enlarge)


Under the words "Adventure Game" is printed
"Licensed by Stephen Slesinger, Inc.",
the copyright holder of the Whitman Big Little Book.

Thanks to Paul Fink for supplying the image formerly used here
(from Alex Malloy's (Krause Publication) "American Games"!


The spinner for moving is the box top. (The center rivet shows on the cover.)

Each player chooses a piece and spins to determine the order in which he is to
play. Highest number moves first.

Each player then spins and moves his piece the number of points indicated by
the spinner. Every player landing on a point with special instructions follows
those instructions. If a player lands on a point occupied by another player, the
first occupant must go back five points. First player to reach the finish point by
exact count wins.

The box is the gameboard map

Og starts on a journey
discovers fire
Og is attacked by a saber tooth tiger
Og makes a friend
Og spears a fish
Og is lost in the forest
plays with monkey people
Og meets an enemy
Og sees a mammoth
Og wins a race
Og brings home his dinner

The game pieces didn't maintain the caveman motif...
but the premium figurines would have made great ones!


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