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Mysterious Coming Attractions

On page 4 of the August 1924 issue of Boys' Life, the subscription ad has "teasers" for coming attractions, including numbers 14-16 for upcoming Og stories.

While "14. Og in the Valley of Fear" did appear under that title in the October and November issues of that year, what happened to the next two, "15. Og Captured by the Flesh Eaters" and "16. Og and the Black Death"?

They appear with different titles, as "Og, Captured by the Gorillas" and "The Mysterious Valley", the next in sequence, appearing in Boys' Lifes Dec. 1924, Jan. 1925, Feb. 1925 and Mar. 1925.

The clues are in the descriptive phrases:

"Prehistoric Cannibals" are the Gorillas who captured Og — "...and like a bolt of lightning out of the blue came the consciousness that these creatures were great meat-eating gorillas--cannibals! And he and Ru were their captives..."

"The Volcano's Menace to the Cave Men" is the menace of the poison gas in "...that deadly little valley at the foot of the old volcano..."

Thanks to William Seabrook, of Tyne-and-Wear, England, for discovering and solving this "Mystery of the Missing Og Titles", and for sharing it with us! [7/25/2013]

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