Boys' Life

April 1935

Irving Crump returns as Managing Editor

Dr. James E. West
WITH this issue of BOYS' LIFE we welcome back to our staff an old friend, Irving Crump, who for eight years, from 1915 to 1923, worked with us, lending his efforts to build the magazine so that it might serve boyhood and the Scout movement more effectively. Mr. Crump left BOYS' LIFE to enter other magazine activities, becoming managing editor of Pictorial Review, but he is frank to state that this new magazine field did not hold for him the interest that he found in helping to build a magazine for boys. Indeed his interest in working in the field of boys' literature meant so much to him that eventually be devoted all his time and efforts to writing books and short stories for boys and developing radio programs with a wholesome juvenile appeal.

Mr. Crump has written thirty-odd books for boys of both the fiction and informational type, and his short stories and serials have appeared in practically every juvenile publication in this country and many in England, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Most of Mr. Crump's books are listed by the American Library Association, and many of them are used for supplementary reading in elementary, junior and senior high schools. Some of his stories and articles are used in school readers and other types of text books.

One of the most popular characters of many Mr. Crump has created is Og, Son of Fire, the pre-historic boy whose many adventures tell in story form the progress of mankind during the period of the dawn of civilization. So popular has this BOYS' LIFE character of Og become that millions of boys and girls now listen to his adventures as they are produced over a nationwide radio hook-up three days each week. Mr. Crump will continue to write these popular broadcasts and he will continue to write the Og, Son of Fire stories exclusively for BOYS' LIFE in addition to joining my staff and working with me to make the magazine more effective in serving all those who look to BOYS' LIFE for entertainment, advice and guidance.

Mr. Crump's return will mean much to our future progress and coincide with the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, publishers of BOYS' LIFE.

James E. West
Editor and Chief Scout Executive

      Irving Crump

HELLO, fellows! I am mighty happy to again become a member of the highly capable and very competent staff of Dr. James E. West, the Editor of BOYS' LIFE, and to be associated with him and his fellow workers here at National Headquarters in their efforts toward making the magazine more effective in serving you. I am mighty happy too, to be once more closely associated with Scouting and all the men both here and in the field, who unselfishly give so much of their time and interest to all of you Scouts. During the years I have looked back with no little degree of pride on the fact that I helped for a little while to lay the foundation stones on which others have capably built the fine magazine BOYS' LIFE is today.

I want to go right on with that building. The stories and article which BOYS' LIFE has been publishing have been of the very highest calibre. I want to help keep them up to that standard and to improve them if that is possible. The illustrations and covers have been just about the finest that could be secured. I want to make those of the future just as full of interest and inspiration as they always have been and, again if it is possible, make them bring just a little more pleasure to all of you. I also want to do my part in bringing the message and inspiration of Scouting home to you Scouts and to male you fellows who are not Scouts realize how much you are missing by not dedicating yourself to this fine service.

We want to make BOYS' LIFE the magazine you think it should be and to that end we want to hear from any or all of you who are inspired to write to us. If there are stories or articles in the magazine you do not like let us hear from you and, of course, if there are stories in the magazine that you do like, we would be pleased if you would write to us about them also. Or if you have any suggestions to make that you think would improve the magazine we would be glad to get them also. As has been the custom of the past, some or your letters (not all of them, for space will not permit it) will be published on this page so that all of you may know just how well we are living up to the promise we have made and shall try earnestly to keep; the promise that BOYS' LIFE shall go on being just about the finest boys' magazine ever printed anywhere in the whole wide world.

We're all set, fellows. Let's go!

Irving Crump
Managing Editor