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Oct 1967  

Boys' Life

October 1967

Vol. - N°

70 pages
Cover Bill Binzen



Sir Nervous NormanB. Wiseman26
The Killing at Nogent-Plage - ConclusionJohn R. Tunis30


The Rugged Rolls Keeps Rolling OnKen W. Purdy24
Through the Magic EyeRoman S. Vishniac28
Can Soccer Score in America?Dave Sendler32
Appalachian WeekendDick Pryce38

Cartoon Features

Pee Wee Harris 45
The Bible: Joseph in Egypt 46
Welcome to the New Webelos 47
Scoutcraft 47
Space Conquerors 48
The Tracy Twins 48
Rocky Stoneaxe 49
Family Fire Safety Program 49
Scouts in Action 50

Special Features

Making the SceneFran Smith4
Tips on Getting Along with UsSandy Roberts8
Tim's Tips: The Egg and TheeTim Moore10
AutosEd Janicki14
CheckmateBobby Fischer18
A Modern JonahJ.R. Westbrook20
The Dream of FlightJoseph A. Phelan41
Best Jamboree in the WorldErnest Doclar42
Bug No. 1Murray T. Pringle44
Slide of the Month: Black KnightWhittlin' Jim55
Program Helps 66
The New Look in Cub ScoutingRobert W. Peterson67

Regular Features

Hitchin' Rack 6
A Few Words from the ChiefJoseph A. Brunton Jr.12
Hobby HowsPearl Hanig22
Gifts and Gimmicks 60
The Home on Your BackGreen Bar Bill63
Stamps and CoinsW. Arthur McKinney64
Think and Grin 70

Thanks to Tom Dreyer for images of this issue