May 1959

Boys' Life

May 1959

Vol. 49 - N° 05

80 pages
Photo Contest Winners


The Cowboy and the Steer
Illus. by Earl Norem
Richard Hacker 15
For the Love of Space
Illus. by William Heaslip
Gavin Gregory 17
Sabertooth Savage
Illus. by Vivian Holder
Irving Crump 21

Articles and Photo Features

Your First Gun Bob Reed 8
Magic Moment Conrad C. Lautenbacher 13
The Indian Calumet Dennis Brown Mayes 16
Safari on Wheels William Simpson 18
Adventure in a Soap Box Randall J. Roman 22
Operation Eagle Jane Menville 23
Axmanship William Hillcourt 24
Scout World   28
I Hear America Singing Herb Sturz 34

Color Section

Have a Musical Hoedown  The Bitter Well  The Tracy Twins  Tong  The Story of Bass  Rocky Stoneaxe  Back-yard Safari  America's Heritage  The Pack on Your Back  Scouts in Action  Pee Wee Harris

Duffel Bag

Tops in Science  About the New Books  About Stamps  Slide of the Month  1958 Photo Contest Winners  Learn That Code  Oil Painting  Photograms  Reflector Oven  Paper Sleeping Bag  HO Trains  Unseen Worlds  Cook Fish in Foil  Toughen Up  Nature Lamp  Long Life for Your Outboard  Peer-O-Scope  Sierra Survival Kit

Regular Features

The Hitchin' Rack   4
Hobby Hows   6
From the Chief - For You - By You Arthur A. Schuck 13
Green Bar Bill: Get Ready for Summer Camp   26
Program Planners   47
Gifts and Gimmicks   72
Think and Grin   78

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