Apr 1956

Boys' Life

April 1956

Vol. 46 - N° 04

88 pages
Taylor Oughton



Prisoner in the Circle - (Part 1 of 3)
Illus. by Sam Davitt
E.D. Mygatt 9
The Chastisement of Horsey
Illus. by Gene Klebe
Kerry Wood 15
Og's Dogs
Og, Son of Og

Illus. by Bernard Safran
Irving Crump 18
Strictly by Instinct
Illus. by Carol Johnson
D.S. Halacy, Jr. 22

Articles and Photo-Features

Housing for Wildlife Ted Pettit 12
Start Fishing Tom Warner 13
Trees William Hillcourt 16
Tree Farming Tom MacPherson 20
Who Makes the Majors?
as told to Bob Hood
Hank Greenberg 21
1956 Boys' Life Fishing Contest   24
A Business You Can Start Without Money Shep Shepherd 26
The Essentials of Survival Ernest F. Schmidt 51

Color Section

Pee-Wee Harris  The Meaning of Easter  The Meaning of Passover  Rocky Stoneaxe  What Well-Dressed Scouts Are Wearing Around the World  Tin Can Cookery  America the Beautiful — National Forests  The Tracy Twins  Kam  Booker Taliaferro Washington  Scouts in Action  The Litepac Survival Kit  Firemaking... Essential for Survival
39 -50

Duffel Bag

Parakeet Pointers  Assignment to Antarctica  Skish!  Bike Crank Hanger Overhaul  Buckskin Shirt  Hobby Hows  Movies of the Month  About the New Books  About Stamps  Slide of the Month: Crosscut Saw in a Log  Beaded Necklaces  Seed Frame  Cub Corner: Drawing  Cook a Clambake Anywhere  Toughen Up: Baseball Workout  Scout World  Writing Contest Winners
59 -69

Regular Features

The Hitchin' Rack   4
Green Bar Bill: Take to the Woods   25
Here's Exploring: High Adventure Awards   28
From the Chief: Conservation Arthur A. Schuck 28
For Program Planners   32
Scout World   68
Gifts and Gimmicks   80
Think and Grin   86

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