Oct 1955

Boys' Life

October 1955

Vol. 45 - N° 10

100 pages
Carol Johnson



AA is for Aardvark
Illus. by Vance Locke
William B. McMorris 10
Og, Son of Og

Illus. by M. Kunstler
Irving Crump 14
Only Fighters Are Wanted
Illus. by Russ Hoban
David B. Parker 17
Mule Chief
Illus. by Maurice Bower
David Lavender 20
White Gold of the Cassiar - (Part 3 of 4)
Illus. by Mel Bolden
W.G. Crisp 22
Sea Trap
Illus. by Bernard Safran
E.L. Babcock 29

Articles and Photo-Features

Fancy Footwork Arnold A. Fenton 9
Second Class William Hillcourt 12
Safe Shooting Tom MacPherson 16
Paul Bunyan Stepped Here Bruce Miller 18
Chinook Salmon Bake Chowhound Willie 24
Try These Autumn Wilderness Desserts Ed Hinckley 42
Be Your Own Weatherman   59

Color Section

Wildereness Desserts  Pee-Wee Harris  The Tracy Twins  Kam  An "America the Beautiful" Scrapbook  Maurice Maeterlinck  Rocky Stoneaxe  First Flight over the South Pole  The Bumblebee  Elijah and the Priests of Baal  Scouts in Action  Space Conquerors  Safety with Firearms  The Evolution of Football  Signals Used by Football Officials  Rain or Shine
43 -58

Duffel Bag

Tropical Fish  Hobby Hows  Make Your Own Barometer  Bike Safety  About the New Books  About Stamps  Slide of the Month  Deck Plate Girder Bridge  Tips on How to Use Handsaws  Toughen Up  Serpentine Dance  Jet Wind Vane  Anemometer for Your Weather Station  Your Best Friend is a Tree  Miniature Autos  Fifty Cent Plane  Movies of the Month  Boys' Life Writing Contest
69 -79

Regular Features

The Hitchin' Rack   6
From the Chief: God Bless America   26
Here's Exploring: They Lived with a Volcano Arthur A. Schuck 26
Green Bar Bill: Whether the Weather Bob Brooks 28
For Program Planners   34
Scout World   64
Gifts and Gimmicks   92
Think and Grin   98

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