Apr 1954

Boys' Life

April 1954

Vol. 44 - N° 04

80 pages
Gene Klebe



Son of Og
Illus. by Albert D. Jousset
Irving Crump 10
Stand by for Danger (Part 3)
Illus. by Bernard Safran
E.D. Mygatt 14
Hot Corner Freeze-Up
Illus. by Carol Johnson
Jackson V. Scholz 20

Articles and Photo Features

Cyclone in the Chute Joseph Stocker 9
Conservation William Hillcourt 12
Dinosaurs and Diamond Hitches Bill McMorris 16
Underwater Farmers Bob Hood 17
Mississippi Fish Fry Chowhand Willie 18
Too young to solo? Fran Smith 22
The Voice of Billy Brown Roy A. Gallant 23

Special Features

The Hitchin' Rack   4
Hobby Hows   6
Here's Exploring   24
It's for All Boys Arthur A. Schuck 24
For Program Planners   34
Gifts and Gimmicks   72
Think and Grin   78

Boys' Life Color Section

Pee Wee Harris  Easter  Passover  Space Conquerors  Underground Sunshine  Prehistoric Monsters' Parade  Kam  The Deluge  Saint George  Rocky Stoneaxe  The Tracy Twins  Wilderness Ways  Scouts in Action

Duffel Bag

Fishing is Fun Pete Sturges 59
The 1954 Fishing Contest   61
Books of the Month Fran Smith 62
Take Care of Your Outboard Glenn A. Wagner 63
Rubber Fishing Lures Warren Asa 64
Field Flies Bill Carter 64
Fish Pole Holder Ben Hunt 65
Nature's Plowmen John Taylor 66
Fresh Water Folks C.B. Colby 67
Pests of the Woods Jack Bell 68
Movies of the Month Fran Smith 69

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