Boys' Life

July 1935

Vol. 25 - N° 07

52 pages
Norman Rockwell



The Sacred Otter Bow Case - Part I
A feud among Indians of the old frontier

Illus. by Jerome Rozen
James Willard Schultz 3
Contrary to Regulations
Introducing Flying Cadet Ted Donaldson

Illus. by William Heaslip
Richard M. Nance 6
Birthday Warning
Dr. Stone nips this crime in the bud

Illus. by Paul Dudley
William Heyliger 8
High Iron Special
Tense story of railroading

Illus. by Seymour Ball
Allison Ind 10
The Place of Missing Men
Og meets a weird monster of the sea

Illus. by Jack Murray
Irving Crump 11
Treasure Town
A Washington Troop does a national Good Turn

Illus. by Gordon Grant
Paschal N. Strong 12
A Little Rough Going
The Sugarplum goes into training

Illus. by Thomas Fogarty
Leonard K. Smith 16

Special Articles

Getting Ahead
No. 6 — Service

Illus. by Stuart Hay
Myron M. Stearns 14
Duffers and Divot Diggers
Golf as a champion sees it
Gene Sarazen 15
The story of the building of Washington

Illus. by Enos B. Comstock
Hermann Hagedorn 18
A New Braille System Dan Beard 21
Picture or Photograph? No. 4
No. 4 — Compositional Forms: Balance
Paul L. Anderson 28

Regular Features

Editorial James E. West 20
Hiking With Green Bar Bill [William Hillcourt] 22
The Scout World James E. West 23
Keeping Physically Fit C. Ward Crampton, M.D. 24
Scouting Section Dan Beard 25
Sea Scouting Thos. J. Keane 31
Think and Grin F.J. Rigney 37
Stamps O.W. Simons 46

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