Boys' Life

January 1931

Vol. 21 - N° 01

60 pages
Harold Anderson



His Own Star
Illus. by Louis G. Schroeder
Russell Gordon Carter 8
Pee-Wee Harris, Warrior Bold
Illus. by Bert Salg
Percy K. Fitzhugh 20
The Land of the Monsters
Illus. by Harold Anderson
Edward J. Morrow 22

Short Stories

The Terrible Terry
Illus. by Robert A. Graef
Harold M. Sherman 3
The Keeper of the Door
Illus. by Remington Schuyler
M. T. Weaver 10
The Eagle Shows its Talons
Illus. by Seymour Ball
Paschal N. Strong 12
Illus. by John R. Neill
Josiah E. Greene 14
Tried Friends and Dog
Illus. by Harry H.A. Burne
I. L. Morris 17
Sea Wolves
Illus. by Frank Spradling
Don C. Shafer 18
Seniors This Way
Illus. by A. Conway Peyton
George G. Livermore 28


On the Antarctic Ice Sea Scout Paul A. Siple 6
Men of the Air Myron M. Stearns 16
Indian Rattles for New Year
Illus. by the author
Dan Beard 27
Hockey -- The Game of Speed
Illus. by the author
Sol Metzger 31
New Books for the New Year
Illus. by the author
Eve Ganson 46


Editorial Page James E. West 24
The Scout World James E. West 25
What's New in the News   26
The Radio Listening Post Orrin E. Dunlap, Jr., Editor 30
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 34
The Readers' Page   35
The Lone Scout   40
The Landing Field Augustus Post, Editor 42
Think and Grin F.J. Rigney, Editor 44
Puzzlecraft   49
World Brotherhood of Boys   52

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