Boys' Life

October 1925

Vol. 15 - N° 10

60 pages
Sidney Riesenberg

Fight 'Em, Big Three - Part I
Illus. by Richard A. Holberg
Harold M. Sherman 5
I Pick My Football Team Bill Siegrist 7
Silent Scot's Longshot - story
Illus. by Sidney Riesenberg
Constance Lindsay Skinner 8
Jim Morse in Australia - serial
Illus. by Douglas Duer
J. Allan Dunn 10
A Son of Grandon - story
Illus. by A.O. Scott
A.W. Quattlebaum 12
Wanted — Men - poem James Edward Hungerford 13
The Mettle of Men William R. James 14
The Lost Spear Head Lode - story
Illus. by Bob Fink
Joseph T. Kescel 15
The Phantom's Path - story
Illus. by Henry Pitz
Charles Allan Herndon 16
Og Traps the Wind - story
Illus. by Charles Livingston Bull
J. Irving Crump 18
Cherokee Charlie Says—   18
Editorial Page James E. West 20
The Scout World James E. West 21
Alexander the Great - story
Illus. by Joseph St. Amand
William M. Stuart 22
The Photographic Contest   24
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 26
How to Make a "B" Battery Eliminator Zeh Bouck 26
The House by the Gate - Part III
Illus. by Henry Pitz
Nels Leroy Jorgensen 28
The Lone Scout   31
The Reader's Page   31
Nature's Compasses
Illus. by the author
Dan Beard 32
Why-I-Subscribed Contest   38
Puzzlecraft   40
Think and Grin Edited by Francis J. Rigney 42
World Brotherhood of Boys Edited by E. O'Connor 45
Stamps O.W. Simons 54

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