Nov 1924

Boys' Life

November 1924

Vol. 14 - N° 11

64 pages
Lynn Bogue Hunt

Whose Collie? - story
Illus. by Lynn Bogue Hunt
Albert Payson Terhune 7
The Cruise of the Cuttlefish - serial
Illus. by J.O. Todahl
Francis Lynde 10
National Council Official News James E. West 12
The Lone Scout   13
Editorial Page James E. West 14
How to Make a Bowcase and Quiver Dan Beard 15
Headwork + Courage + Strength = Football H. Blayney Chubb 15
What the World is Doing P.W. Wilson 16
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 20
The Readers' Page   24
Think and Grin Edited by Francis J. Rigney 25
Puzzlecraft   26
Captured by Malays
Illus. by Morgan Stinemetz
Rear-Admiral Adolph Marix 27
The Runner on the Wind - story
Illus. by Sidney Riesenberg
Constance Lindsay Skinner 28
The Voice in the Dark - two-part story
Illus. by Harold Anderson
Arthur B. Reeve 30
Og in the Valley of Fear - Part II
Illus. by Charles Livingston Bull
J. Irving Crump 34
The Three Young Citizens - serial
Illus. by Lynn Bogue Hunt
P.W. Wilson 36
Under the Skin - story
Illus. by Ralph Nelson
Joseph B. Acers 38
Electing Our Presidents Frank R. Kent 40
Bud's $40,000 Hike - Part II
Illus. by Remington Schuyler
Leonard K. Smith 41
Real Books for Real Boys   47
The Radio Tower Zeh Bouck 54
Stamps Orrin W. Simons 58
World Brotherhood of Boys Edited by E. O'Connor 59

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