Boys' Life

February 1922

Vol. 12 - N° 02

40 pages
Harold Anderson

Talking It Over   1
Leslie Crump
Yellow — Clear Through - story
Illus. by Harold Anderson
P.L. Anderson 3
Money! What Do You Do With It?
Decoration by Leslie Crump
J.F. Taylor 5
Ginger Pup - story
Illus. by Morgan Stinemetz
Neil Boynton 6
Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout - serial
Illus. by Remington Schuyler
Stewart Edward White 8
A Message to Lincoln
Illus. by John R. Neill
George S. Bryan 10
The Break at Bonnet Range - story
Illus. by Leslie Crump
Charles Tenney Jackson 11
Og Son of Fire - serial
Illus. by Charles Livingston Bull
Irving Crump 12
The Elephant Hunt
Illus. by Morgan Stinemetz
Thomas S. Miller 14
Roy Blakeley's Bee-Line Hike - serial
Illus. by Bert N. Salg
Percy K. Fitzhugh 16
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 18
Making an Ice Yacht Dan Beard 20
When You Grow Up — Dentistry? Dr. B. Leonard 20
National Council News James E. West 22
Via Wireless Major J. Andrew White 24
In the Scout Cave F. J. P. 25
Photographic Contest   26
Why-I-Subscribed Contest   28
The World Brotherhood of Boys Edited by E. O'Connor 29
Skiing and Ski Equipment Elon Jessup 30
Think and Grin Edited by F.J. Rigney 32
Stamps Kent R. Stiles 40

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