Boys' Life

January 1922

Vol. 12 - N° 01

36 pages
Remington Schuyler

Talking It Over
Decoration by Leslie Crump
Colin H. Livingstone 1
John R. Neill
Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout - serial
Illus. by Remington Schuyler
Stewart Edward White 3
Wakia-Wa-Takape — Marshal Foche
Illus. by the author
Remington Schuyler 5
Ice Runner - story
Illus. by Hawthorne Howland
Theodore Goodrich Roberts 6
The Dab Wakes Up - story
Illus. by Robert E. Johnston
Brewer Corcoran 7
Helping to Make History Ira E. Bennett 9
Roy Blakeley's Bee-Line Hike - serial
Illus. by Bert N. Salg
Percy K. Fitzhugh 10
Og Son of Fire - serial
Illus. by Charles Livingston Bull
Irving Crump 12
The Pirates and the Stowaways - serial
Illus. by Clinton Balmer
Dillon Wallace 14
Talking Across the Continent
Illus. with photographs
F.A. Collins 15
Franklin's Philosophy as a Code for Scouts   15
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 16
Hints for Mid Winter Bird Hikes
Illus. by the author
Dan Beard 18
National Council News James E. West 20
Why-I-Subscribed Contest   21
What-I'd-Buy Contest   21
On Nature's Trail   22
Think and Grin Edited by F.J. Rigney 23
World Brotherhood of Boys Edited by E. O'Connor 23

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