Apr 1911

Boys' Life

April 1911

Vol. 1 - N° 03

48 pages

His Old Ship
An interesting yarn of the sea
Captain F.H. Shaw 3
Showing where the bully "gets his"
A.S. Hardy 7
The Talisman of Amlak
A dandy story of adventure
Hints for Stamp Collectors
Our monthly Stamp Collector's Department
Joseph J. Lane, Editor 23
Tested for Service
Telling how a young fellow proved his mettle
J. St. Lawrence 25
Knots Worth Knowing   28
For His Vow's Sake
Another long installment of this thrilling serial
Warren Killingworth 29
Round the Campfire
An enthusiastic talk by the editor
George S. Barton 33
Boy Scout News and Notes
News of the Boy Scouts all over the country
Major E.R. Short, Editor 34
Trials and Troubles of a Boy Scout
Something to interest all boys, whether scouts or not
Major E.R. Short 37
Dexter Brown's Undoing
An exciting tale of the race track
Stanley Gordon 38
The Chaplain's Talk
A "straight-from-the-shoulder" talk with the boys
"The Chaplain" 43
Things All Scouts Should Know
An interesting collection of items
Joseph J. Lane, Editor 44