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Guilmin / Leconte Street Guides

to 20th Century Paris

Plans de Paris par Arrondissement, etc.

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This is a display of little map books, guides to the streets and sights of Paris in the 20th century, as produced by A. Leconte and his predecessors. I've collected them for years, and I've often seen them described as "n.d." - no date. Actually, this isn't always the case - the date just isn't where you'd expect to find it... (see below)

For a self-guided tour, click on Covers, pick one to start with, and from there you can use the forward and back buttons at the corners of ever page to navigate the entire set... Most images can be enlarged by clicking them.

How Old Is It?

Does the cover show Guilmin or Leconte?
Although the covers look similar, there's an important difference - Some have Guilmin at the bottom and the others have A. Leconte.
Any volume with A. Leconte on the cover was published after 1942. It's probably covered with embossed paper, not cloth. The actual year can usually be found in the printer's line, near the middle of the book, at the bottom of the last page before the arrondissement maps:

These title pages...
They're the title pages for the same two volumes - the covers are different but the title pages are identical, both A. Leconte.
In fact, the older Leconte volume also shows the year, in a similar location:
Almost all volumes after 1930 show the printing year at the end of the text block, before the arrondissement maps.   (see the printing line index). For earlier volumes, there are other ways to indentify the approximate year of publication. Although the title page wasn't of any help in distinguishing the above two volumes, for the earlier issues it may be helpful...

On the Editions Leconte website (11/2009), we learn that that the Leconte company was founded in 1920 by Jules Leconte, at 15 Quai Saint-Michel, in the 5th arrondissement. So, for a start, we can assume that any book indicating J. Leconte as publisher, was published in or after 1920.


Until 1928 the little maroon guides were published by L. Guilmin. Between 1928 and 1931, we find them published by L. Guilmin and A. Leconte jointly; until something earlier appears, it seems that any book indicating A. Leconte was published after 1928. All books with A. Leconte on the title page show the address, 38 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Brettonerie (until sometime between 1989 and 1994, when the company completed the move – begun in 1980 – to Ivry-sur-Seine).

For dating Guilmin and Guilmin/Leconte guides which do not show a year on the printing line, the maps showing the Métro have been used to deduce the approximate year of publication. The Métro effectively began in 1900, and the dates of line creation and expansion, as well as station renaming are often known. Much of the results of Métro research in this regard have been published on Wikipedia, and I have summarized this information into a table included here as the Métro Timeline. (A similar list prepared by Peter B. Lloyd, Paris Metro Maps: timeline, may still be online.)

Here's an example of how the data from the Métro Timeline was used to assign 1913 as the approximate publication date of one of the earliest Guilmin editions in this collection:

Métro Timeline
Shown (Sep 30, 1913) Line 8 to Porte d'Auteuil completed (8-XV)
Not shown (1913) Wilhem station (8-XV)
Not shown (Nov 15, 1913) Vaugirard Station renamed Saint-Placide (4-VI)
Not shown (Apr 1, 1914) Berlin renamed Liège. (NSB-VIII)
Not shown (Aug 1, 1914) Rue d'Allemagne renamed Jaurès. (2-XIX)

(Code (8-XV) means "Line 8, Arrondissement 15", etc.)

This means that while the map (usually the large map, but sometimes the Métro map) shows a change completed in 1913, no later changes are shown, and so the year 1913 can be assigned as the approximate year of publication. Of course, it may have been later, if the changes in the Métro had actually taken place, but the maps hadn't been updated. (As most of these volumes were "assembled", rather than printed together, there are cases where the Métro Timeline shows the attached map to be later than the text block year, like L. Guilmin 1928.)

Related Editions

By considering the various volumes, I've come up with a tentative timeline/tree diagram of publishing company relationships for them...

1905  L. Guilmin, Editeur90 Boulevard Voltaire (on map)
[1912-13]  L. Guilmin, Editeur90 Boulevard Voltaire
1916L. Joly, Éditeur, A. Maunier, Successeur 17 Quai St. Michel (au premier)
[1916-20]L. Guilmin, Editeur90, Boulevard Voltaire
[1916-20]L. Joly, Editeur, A. Maunier, Successeur15 Quai St. Michel
1920L. Joly, Editeur, J. Leconte, Successeur15 Quai St. Michel
[1920-21]L. Guilmin, Editeur90 Boulevard Voltaire
[1921-22]L. Guilmin, Editeur, E. Bellicard, Successeur63 Boulevard Voltaire
[1921-22]L. Joly & A. Maunier Editeurs, J. Leconte, Successeur15 Quai St. Michel
[1921-22]L. Joly, Editeur, J. Leconte, Successeur15 Quai Saint-Michel
[1921-22]L. Joly, Editeur, A. Maunier, Successor 15 Quai St. Michel
[1926-28]L. Joly, Editeur, J. Leconte, Successeur15 Quai Saint-Michel
1928J. Leconte, Editeur16 Rue des Archives
1928Maison L. Guilmin63 Boulevard Voltaire
[1928-30]Etabliss'ts A. Leconte et Guilmin réunis, A. Leconte, Editeur38, Rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie
[1928-30]J. Leconte, Editeur, A. Leconte, Editeur (on Plan de Paris) 16 Rue des Archives
1930Etabliss'ts A. Leconte et L. Guilmin réunis, A. Leconte, Editeur38 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie
1931Etabliss'ts A. Leconte et Guilmin réunis, A. Leconte, Editeur38 Rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie
1936A. Leconte, Éditeur38 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie

Summarizing the chart...

1905-[1912-13] L. Guilmin publishes at 90 Blvd. Voltaire
1916 L. Joly (founded ca. 1888), publishes with A. Maunier at 17 Quai St. Michel.
[1916-20]-[1921-22] L. Joly publishes with A. Maunier at 15 Quai St. Michel
1920-[1926-28] L. Joly publishes with J. Leconte at 15 Quai St. Michel
[1921-22] L. Joly & A. Maunier publish with J. Leconte at 15 Quai St. Michel
1921-[1921-22] L. Guilmin publishes with E. Bellicard at 63 Blvd. Voltaire
1928 J. Leconte publishes at 16 Rue des Archives
1928 L. Guilmin publishes at 63 Blvd. Voltaire
[1928-30] J. Leconte publishes with A. Leconte at 38 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie
[1930-31] L. Guilmin publishes with A. Leconte at 38 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie
1936- A. Leconte publishes at 38 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie

booksellers (etc.) on covers

Librairie Caffin
80. Rue Saint Lazare
entre la gare et la Trinité
Paris IXᵉ Tel. Trinité 23-13

Librairie Julliard
"ex Berger-Levrault"
229. Bd St Germain
Paris-VIIᵉ   Inv 10-24

de la Société Parisienne d'Expansion Chimique
Marques Rhône-Poulenc
28. Cours Albert-1ᵉʳ

Librairie Blondel la Rougerie
7. Rue Saint Lazare

H. Levasseur
Art Publisher
230. Rue de Rivoli   Paris
(image: Dr. Hanno V.J. Kolbe)

Booksellers & Stationers
37. Avenue de l'Opéra, Paris

W.H. Smith & Son
248. Rue de Rivoli, Paris

Librairie Larousse
58. Rue des Ecoles_Paris_Vᵉ

Galleries Lafayette

Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville
Rayon de Librairie

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