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In Maigret's Footsteps in Montmartre

A Photo Tour of Maigret's Paris Today

to accompany the text
In the Footsteps of Chief Superintendent Jules Maigret in Montmartre

Joe Richards


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1. Historical Marker for the Quai des Orfèvres.

2. View of the Quai from across the Seine.

3. Street sign on the left side of the building.

4. Entrance to number 36.

5. Entrance to number 34. (No, the building isn't about to fall over backwards. This
distortion is caused by the use of a very wide angle lens to get everything in the picture
when there is not enough room to get far enough away to use a normal lens. There's no getting
around it and you will see it in a number of these photos.).

6. Street sign carved into the right side of the building.

7. Pont St. Michel seen from the Quai des Orfèvres.

8. The Quai des Orfèvres on the right, seen from Pont St. Michel. M's office was near the far

9. Place Dauphine.

10. Site of La Brasserie Dauphine. The water level is much too low to be seen
from here or anywhere else on place Dauphine. The north branch of the river is behind the
third lamp post, which is barely visible. More prominent are the three steps at the corner of
the building that gave it the name of 'Les Trois Marches'.

11. Street sign, Boulevard Richard Lenoir and rue du Chemin Vert.

12. Looking north on the blvd Richard Lenoir near rue du Chemin Vert. A Metro canal ventillator is
in the foreground.

13. This was taken from beside the Richard Lenoir bus stop on rue du Chemin Vert, again
looking north.

14. Here we are looking back to where we just came from, the bus stop. 33 and 31 blvd Richard
Lenoir are both in the picture on the right.

15. Again from the bus stop but looking the other way towards the Bastille.

16. Entrance to the Richard Lenoir Metro station. A number of these entrances appeared in the
early 1900's. They were designed by Hector Guimard. There aren't too many left today and only
two have their original canopies.

17. The same again from the other side.

18. The Richard Lenoir bus stop.

19. The Breguet-Sabin Metro station. There was an open air market going on. This is much
closer to 31 blvd Richard Lenoir than the Richard Lenoir station, it's at the other end of
the same block.

20. 31 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, where I believe M lived. The
business on the ground floor is a plumbing supply shop.

21. Another view of 31 Blvd. Richard Lenoir. Note the fourth
floor balcony. Mme M waved from the balcony in one story, but
they never lived on the fourth floor.

22. 33 Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

23. 42 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, rather too grand for a young policeman. .

24. 44 Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

25. Charcuterie on rue du Chemin Vert, just past rue Servan, looking back towards blvd Richard
Lenoir. At least Mme M didn't have to walk all that distance for nothing as there really was
a place for her to buy her ham near the rue Servan. Rue Sevran is the cross street at the
traffic light, the part of the street that is almost white in the picture.

26. Mme M's grocer at the corner of the rue du Chemin Vert and the rue Popincourt. Just past
it is a small supermarket, Le Marché Franprix.

27. This is the setting for Chez Jules. It is also at the corner of rue du Chemin Vert and rue
Popincourt. The two are diagonally opposite each other, so I stood in front of the grocer to
take this picture.

Part   1   2   3   4  

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