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Simenon: Selected Biographies, Bibliographies, Critical Works

Alavoine, Becker, Bresler, Fabre, Foord, Forest, Franck, Garis, Gauteur, Graf, Haining, Lacassin, Lemoine, Narcejac, Piron, Rutten, Simenon, Vandromme, Young

Bernd Fischer's "Bibliography of Works about Simenon 1939-2007"
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Alavoine, Bernard. 1998. Georges Simenon: Parcours d'une œuvre. 184 pp, 20 cm, pbk, Amiens. Encrage. ISBN: 2-906389-87-0.
_____. 1999. Les enquêtes de Maigret, de Georges Simenon, Lectures des textes. 120 pp, 20 cm, pbk, Amiens. Encrage. ISBN: 2-911576-15-2.

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_____. 1999. Georges Simenon Revisited. 188 pp, 22 cm, 1st, New York. Twayne Publishers. ISBN: 0-8057-4557-2.

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Courtine, Robert J. 1987. Madame Maigret's Recipes. With a Letter-Preface by Georges Simenon. translated from the French by Mary Manheim. 183 pp, 22.8 cm, pbk, ill. drawings by Nikolaus E. Wolff. index. New York. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich ("A Helen and Kurt Wolff book"). ISBN: 0-15-65017-24.

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_____. 1994. Les archives Maigret: répertoire analytique complet de ses cent sept enquêtes. 288 pp, 23 cm, Montréal. Presses de l'Université de Montréal. ISBN: 2-7606-1614-2.

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_____. 1976. Letter to my mother. translation of Lettre à ma mère by Ralph Manheim. 91 pp, 22 cm, London. Hamish Hamilton.

_____. 1984. Intimate memoirs: including Marie-Jo's book. translation of Mémoires intimes by Harold J. Salemson. A Helen and Kurt Wolff book, San Diego. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. ISBN: 0151448922.
Vandromme, Pol. 1962. Georges Simenon. 80 pp, 18 cm, Collection Protraits 2, Bruxelles. Pierre de Méyère, Éditeur.

Young, Trudee. 1976. Georges Simenon: a checklist of his "Maigret" and other mystery novels and short stories in French and English translations. [The Scarecrow author bibliographies; no. 29]. iii, 153 pp, 23 cm, Includes indexes. Metuchen, N.J. Scarecrow Press. ISBN: 0810809648.

   Comments on bibliographies in Trudee Young (1976):

'The most complete bibliographies of Simenon's first editions and pseudonymous works are those compiled by A. Grisay and C. Menguy and published in the Belgian serial Livre et l'Estampe (Societe des Bibliophiles et Iconophiles de Belgique).'

'The Fallois bibliography... is very helpful in locating pseudonymous works, critical studies, nonfiction, Maigret and non-detective novels written under his real name before 1960.'

'The Narcejac bibliography is not as complete as the one by Fallois, but is useful in locating English translations, as his list includes both the French first editions and the English translations (including the imprint and date of publication for both).'

'...John Raymond's bibliography to locate both the French titles and English translations published up to 1967.'

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