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Maigret au Picratt's

December, 1950. Lakeville (Connecticut) "Shadow Rock Farm"

Presses de la Cité, 1951
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 5, pp. 229-333 (105pp).

Inspector Maigret and the Strangled Stripper (1954) tr. Cornelia Schaeffer
Maigret at Picratt's (2016) tr. William Hobson
Maigret in Montmartre (1954) tr. Daphne Woodward

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Maigret of the Month: January, 2007

Arlette, a stripper at Picratt's in Montmartre reports to her local police station that she heard two men at her club talking about planning to kill a countess. She's sent over to the Quai des Orfèvres, where her report is taken, but since there's been no crime, not much is thought of it till a few hours later, when she is found in her room, strangled to death. It turns out there hadn't been two such men in the club that night, but her "boyfriend", a young man named Albert, turned out to be Lapointe. The next day the Countess von Farnheim, a drug addict living not far from Picratt's is found strangled.
Arlette's actual identity was unknown — her papers had been false — but a check on the Countess reveals that when she had lived in Nice, she'd had a butler named Oscar Bonvoisin, and "Oscar" had been the name Arlette had mentioned. However, he seems to be unknown in Montmartre. Eventually Arlette's picture is recognized from the papers, and a connection with Oscar is made. Another drug addict friend of the Countess, Philippe Mortemart is located, interrogated, and released. M feels he may lead them to Oscar, who would no doubt like to kill him to keep him quiet. The finale is a manhunt through Montmartre on the tail of Philippe, with M coordinating by telephone from Picratt's. Finally M is convinced that Oscar will be waiting at Philippe's, where he is found, struggles, and is eventually shot by Lapointe.

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Maigret of the Month: January, 2007


Albert Alfonsi, Fred Alfonsi, Rose
Arlette Aubain Aubain, Oscar
Bernard Beulant Bloch
Bonvoisin, Oscar Boué Bruce, Betty
Countess Désiré Dolly
Dupeu Eudice Farnheim, Countess von
Farnheim, Count Hans von Genviève Grasshopper
Irma Jacquart Jacquin
Janvier Jean-Jean Julien
Jussiaume Lalande, Madeleine Lapointe
Leleu, Jeanne Leleu, Jeanne-Marie-Marcelle Lognon
Louis Lucas Luppin, Angelino
Marcoussis Méjat, Antoinette Mme M
Moncoeur, Rosalie Mortemart, Philippe Oscar
Pasquier Paul, Dr Pinaco, Maria
Pipi Potut Simon
Tania Thomas Torrence
Trochain, Anne-Marie Trochain, Gaston

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