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Mon ami Maigret

February, 1949. Tumacacori (Arizona)

Presses de la Cité, 1949
Tout Simenon (PDLC '91-'92): Tome 3, pp. 563-657 (95pp).

My Friend Maigret (1956) tr. Nigel Ryan
My Friend Maigret (2016) tr. Shaun Whiteside
The Methods of Maigret (1957) tr. Nigel Ryan

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Maigret of the Month: July, 2006

While Inspector Pyke of Scotland Yard is staying with M to observe his methods, M receives word of a murder in the Midi, on the island of Porquerolles, of Marcellin, a man who claims to have been M's friend. Actually, he'd been a criminal whose girlfriend, Ginette, a prostitute, M had helped to find a sanatarium for her TB years ago. M and Pyke go to the island. Jojo, a maid at the hotel, mentions to M that Marcellin had boasted that he could get money any time he wanted. M checks with the local telephone operator, and finds that Marcellin had called Ginette to find out "what year Van Gogh had died". M makes the connection. Marcellin had discovered that Jef de Greef, a vagabond painter, had forged a Van Gogh, and Philippe de Moricourt had bought it for his mistress, Mrs. Ellen Wilcox, an Englishwoman. One or both of them had killed Marcellin to stop him from revealing the truth.

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Maigret of the Month: July, 2006
Maigret's Journeys in France


Aglaé Angelo Baptiste
Bébé Bebelmans Bebelmans, Anna
Bellam, Major Boisvert Caracci
Casmir Charlot Chief
Chief of Police Émile Galli
Galli, Ferdinand Galli, Gabriel Galli, Mme
Ginette Greef, Jef de Jamet, Félicien
Janvier Jaureguy Jojo
Jules Justine Lambert, The widow
Langlois Lechat Léon
Lord Mayor of London Louis Lucas
Marcellin Masson, Fred Mme M
Moricourt, Philippe de Morin Morin-Barbu
Morin-Coiffeur Mouthon Nine
Old Benoît Paul Polyte
Priollet Pyke, Inspector Titin
Torrence Wilcox, Mrs

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