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Uchet, Van. see: Van Uchet

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Ugala. Corporation. Another photo M found in Anna Gorskin's room, a student club, Ugala Corporation, Tartu. [1929-30-LET]

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Ukraine. Joseph Van Damme was talking about the German and Russian efforts at using energy from rivers, and the dam they were building in the Ukraine, when he suddenly tried to push M into the river. [1930-31-PHO]

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Ulm, Rue d'. Julien de V-- said he had little time, as he had to get back to the Rue d'Ulm where he had a lecture. [1960-VIE]

Ulrich. M found Ulrich [Old Ulrich]'s name in Marcel Basso's address book: U. 13A Rue des Blancs-Manteaux, crossed out in blue chalk. [1931-GUI]

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Umbrella Pines. Louis Mahossier's La Baule villa, behind the Hôtel Hermitage. Set well back from the road, a shady avenue, impressive. [1971-SEU]

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Uncle Arthur. Someone had taken to calling M. "Uncle Arthur". [1931-GUI]

UNESCO. Twenty member's of King Saud's family were living at the Lausanne-Palace. And delegates to UNESCO, etc. [1957-VOY]

Honoré Cuendet's sister, Laurence Cuendet, had been sent to Geneva as a barmaid, had married someone, perhaps a translator, from UNESCO, and gone to South America with him. [1961-PAR]

United Butchers. Ferdinand Fumal asked M if he'd heard of United Butchers. It was an extensive chain. There was one in the Boulevard Voltaire, not far from where M lived. [1956-ECH]

United Shipbuilders. Pietr was thought to be the head of an international gang, traced at various times to Paris, Amsterdam (the Van Heuvel case), Berne (the United Shipbuilders case), Warsaw (the Lipmann case), and others. [1929-30-LET]

United Steamship Company. Désiré Boursicault had been a purser for the United Steamship Company for 20 years. [1951-MEU]

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Upper-Flémalle. Joseph Dumourois, day-laborer, whose testimony Jean Chabot could read part of on the inspector's desk, was from Upper-Flémalle. [1931-GAI]

Upper Rhine. [The section of the Rhine River between Basel and Mainz.]

Jef Schrameck, also known as Fred the Clown, and "the acrobat", was born at Riquewihr, Upper Rhine. [1952-BAN]

Upper Seine. M had once conducted an inquiry in Upper Seine, and all day long seen strings of boats with the Amorelle and Campois green triangle. In the Île Saint-Louis he had often noticed their offices.... After a few years Amorelle and Campois owned half a dozen gravel pits in the Upper Seine. They bought boats, finally tugs.They took shares at building sites in Rouen where they had their tugs built. [1945-FAC]

Upper Silesia. Jacob Levy, alias Ulrich [Old Ulrich], 62, formerly of Upper Silesia. [1931-GUI]

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Urbain. The mayor, Urbain, was a veterinarian, and sometimes played with them at manille. [1938-ceu]

The gardener at Angela Dodds' house in Versailles, Urbain, dug up the wells. [1940-JUG]

Urbain de Chézaud. see: Chézaud, Urbain de

Urbaine. M called the Urbaine cab company, as that was the one Lise Gendreau-Balthazar had taken. No. 48 came from the depot at La Villette, the cabby's name, Eugène Cornille. He usually kept his cab on the Place Saint-Augustin, and went to eat at Au Rendezvous du Massif Central. [1948-PRE]

Urbaine Taxi Company. The taxi driver that Lamballe had sent took Gloria Lotti and the boy to Porte de Neuilly, then Gare Saint-Lazare. They got out at Place Saint-Augustin, and hailed one of the Urbaine's cabs. [1949-MME]

Urban Potier. see: Potier, Urban

Ursuline. Maria Peeters was a régente in a school kept by the Ursulines, who held in the teaching world a position comparable with that of the Jesuits, with whom they formed, so to speak, the aristocracy of Catholic education. [1932-FLA]

Uruguay. Fernand Courcel had known Léon Florentin as Joséphine Papet's brother, an architect who'd just got back from from Uruguay. He'd said he had a plan for developing the coastline between Le Grau-du-Roi and Palavas as a luxury seaside resort. [1968-ENF]

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US. When M had spent several weeks in the US at the invitation of the FBI, they had presented him with a revolver, a Smith & Wesson .45 special, with short barrel and highly sensitive trigger mechanism, and his name engraved on it: 'To J.-J. Maigret, from his FBI friends.' [1952-REV]

US. John Maura's real name was Joachim Maura. In the US he took the more common name of John. [1946-NEW]

Alfred Moss had been with Ringling Bros. Circus in the US for four years.... In Alfred Moss' suitcase were seals of various sovreign states, notably the United States and all of the South American republics, for forging passports.... Frans Steuvels said US passports were the hardest to make because of certain marks known only to the consuls and the Immigration Service. [1949-MME]

On the few occasions M had traveled on summer vacations it had been to meet Georges Simenon at his various homes, while he was still living in France: in Alsace, at Porquerolles, in the Charentes, the Vendée, etc. And when M had gone on a semi-official tour of the US, it was mainly since he knew he'd meet him in Arizona, where he'd been living. [1950-MEM]

When Étienne Gouin had gone to Belgium to operate, as he'd gone to the US and India, he stayed in a hotel in Liège where he bought a small automatic. [1953-TRO]

Albert Falconi said he'd followed Jimmy O'Malley to Orly, to make sure he was going back to the US. [1954-JEU]

The atmosphere of the hotel reminded him of that trip he had made to the US when an American multimillionaire had begged him to come over and solve a thorny problem. (see: NEW) [1957-VOY]

The American criminogist told M that his friend, Fred Ward, had met M in New York and accompanied him to Washington when M was in the US. [1957-SCR]

Isabelle de V-- had journeyed to Kenya with her husband, then to the US, which she found too coarse. [1960-VIE]

The furrier said that in cold countries, Canada, Sweden, Norway, the north of the US, wild-cat coats were still sometimes worn. [1961-PAR]

The Tuplers, tenants in the same building as René Josselin, were still on vacation in the US. [1961-BRA]

Émile Boulay spoke Italian, English and a little Spanish. He'd learned on the liners and in the US. [1962-COL]

Norris Jonker said the greater part of his life had been frittered away going out in London, the US, India, Australia... Norris Jonker spoke in English on the phone. M's schoolboy English was far from adequate. It had been of little use to him in London, still less on the two occasions he had visited the US. [1963-FAN]

In Antwerp, when the diamond cutters retreated before the German advance, they were all directed to Royan and then to the US. Some of them came back to Paris, the Marais and Saint-Antoine. They're almost all Jews. [1965-PAT]

Vicente Alvaredo's younger brother was at Berkeley in the US. [1966-NAH]

Jean-Luc Caucasson wrote to Oscar Chabut that he was sure he could sell the rights to the book in the US for a good sum. [1969-VIN]

Usschen, Horace Van. see: Van Usschen, Horace

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Utrecht. [city, capital Utrecht prov., C Netherlands, on the Oude Rijn river, 20 mi. SSE of Amsterdam. pop. 1970: 278,966.]

There was the contrast between the advertisements for German winter sports and the Utrecht Trade Fair. [1930-31-PHO]

The staircase at Norris Jonker's came from an old château near Utrecht. [1963-FAN]

Utrillo. M remembered that when he had first discovered Place de Tertre, shortly after his arrival in Paris, one chilly morning in spring sunshine, he had felt that he had been transported into a picture by Utrillo. [1962-CLI]

M. Sorel said he had only common red wine, the same as Utrillo drank. [1971-IND]

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