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Maigret in early paperback editions


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Philadelphia Inquirer Gold Seal Novels (Sunday newspaper sections)
Harvest/HBJ "silhouette" Maigrets


La tête d'un homme

July 20, 1941
Le chien jaune

August 17, 1941
Liberty Bar

September 28, 1941
Le fou de Bergerac

October 26, 1941
Un crime en Hollande

November 30, 1941
La danseuse du Gai-Moulin

December 28, 1941
Chez les Flamands

March 15, 1942'
La guinguette à deux sous

June 7, 1942
Au rendez-vous des Terre-Neuvas

August 9, 1942
L'affaire Saint-Fiacre

September 20, 1942'
L'écluse no. 1

November 1, 1942

November 29, 1942'
Le port des brumes

August 22, 1943

1A Man's Head1941- 7-20
2A Face for a Clue1941- 8 -17
3Liberty Bar1941- 9 -28
4The Madman of Bergerac1941-10-26
5A Crime in Holland1941-11-30
6At the 'Gai-Moulin'1941-12-28
7The Flemish Shop1942- 3 -15
8A Spot by the Seine1942- 6 - 7
9Maigret Answers a Plea1942- 8 - 9
10The Saint-Fiacre Affair1942- 9 -20
11Lock No. 11942-11- 1
12Maigret Returns1942-11-29
13Death of a Harbormaster1943- 8 -22
(Thanks to David Logan for help with these)

Lawrence E. Spivak, Publisher
570 Lexington Avenue, New York
Bestseller Mystery
Jonathan Press Mystery
The American Mercury, Lawrence E. Spivak, Publisher
Mercury Mystery



B24 - 25¢

B41 - 25¢

B69 - 25¢

J8 - 25¢

J18 - 25¢

31 - 25¢

89 - 25¢

PocketBOOKS, Inc.
1230 Sixth Avenue
Rockefeller Center, N.Y.

Feb 1942

"Introducing Inspector Maigret to PocketBOOK readers. This redoubtable, patient, unostentatious Inspector has achieved a popularity almost unheard of among the fictional crime investigators in the United States. He emerged a little over a year ago from the French language. Unlike the commonly accepted pattern of American or English fictional detectives, Inspector Maigret has a unique method of procedure in his cases. The author and his detective-hero are apparently more concerned with the study of crime than with its detection and punishments."

The Avon Book Company
432 Fourth Avenue
New York, N.Y.

N° 8 - 25¢
Contains two complete Maigret mysteries. In this new Simenon double-header Inspector Maigret steps out of his own country to go sleuthing. The first novel, "A Crime in Holland," finds him crashing like a bull in a china shop into the rigid decorum of small-town Dutch society. In the second, "At the Gai-Moulin," his mystery solving involves a provincial boite de nuit; a dancer called Adèle; a corpse found in a wicker basket; a Greek, Graphopoulos; a spy ring; and a pair of dissipated young men.
As usual, Simenon accomplishes without effort what seems to be the hardest work for a detective story writer, the creation of atmosphere. And also both stories stress the Simenon talent for creating oddities of character over and above the skillful puzzling.

A Signet Book
Published by the New American Library
New York, N.Y.

Mar 1955 - 25¢
Nov 1955 - 25¢
Sep 1956 - 25¢

Avon Publications Inc.
575 Madison Avenue
New York, 22, N.Y.
1957 - 25¢


Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
261 Fifth Avenue
New York, 16, N.Y.

Nov 1957 - 25¢

"The cover painting for this book is based on the jacket design created by Anthony Palladino for the [Doubleday] hardcover edition. The original design was selected as the best mystery book jacket of 1956 by the Mystery Writers of America, Inc."

Ace Books, Inc.
23 West 47th Street
New York, 36, N.Y.

The title "Maigret and the Reluctant Witness" was apparently shortened to make a neater cover design. Internally the book shows the title correctly as "Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses".
1959 - 40¢


Ace Books, Inc.
1120 Avenue of the Americas
New York, 36, N.Y.
1959 - 40¢

Maigret's Christmas
translated by Lawrence G. Blochman
Journey Backward into Time
translated by Lawrence G. Blochman
Stan the Killer
translated by Anthony Boucher
The Old Lady of Bayeux
translated by Anthony Boucher
The Most Obstinate Man in Paris
translated by Lawrence G. Blochman

"All of the stories in this volume made their initial American appearance in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine."

A Bantam Mystery
Bantam Books
New York, N.Y.

Jan 1959 - 25¢

Dec 1959 - 35¢

Aug 1960 - 35¢


Popular Library
New York, Toronto

May 1962 - 40¢


Pyramid Books
New York

Feb 1963 - 50¢

Mar 1971 - 75¢


A Signet Mystery
Published by the New American Library
New York, N.Y.
1964 - 50¢

1964 - 50¢

1964 - 50¢


Paperbacks of the '70s — Curtis, Avon, Popular Library
U.K. Paperbacks
Penguin Maigrets

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