La guinguette à deux sous - 2
The Basso villa
"... between Morsang and Seineport lied, on the edge of the river a new country house built of colorful brick stone."
"Maigret had his lunch, alone, on the terrace of the hotel "Au Vieux Garçon". At about two o'clock the shopkeeper came to collect Maigret...
- We are expecting you for a game of bridge.
- At your place?
- No, at Basso's...
The country house of the Basso family was lying a kilometer further down the road. Maigret and Feinstein went there walking..." (3)

Apparently Basso's country home is about 1 kilometer away from the hotel "Au Vieux Garçon" in Morsang, where the majority of the group is accommodated during their weekends on the river's edge. It is not clear where the hotel is (was) situated from the viewpoint of the center of the village. A visit on site would be necessary to determine the exact location.
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As this old postcard shows, the "Auberge au vieux garçon" was an authentic inn. Georges Simenon was a regular visitor during his boat trips on the Seine. This region South of Paris had certainly some power of atraction on the author as many of his novels are set in this surroundings.
La nuit du
La guinguette
à deux sous - 1
La guinguette
à deux sous - 2
L' inspecteur
The Guinguette - the Inn
Les larmes
de bougie
Being present in the Basso's country house:
"Right opposite the villa, on the other shore of the Seine, one could see the small white house of the inn."

From the hotel in Morsang:
"Near to the first bend in the river the small white house of the inn could be seen."

*On the photograph of the Restaurant "Au Vieux Gar¸on" this situation can easily be envisaged (Image). The bend in the river is noticeably visible in the background of the picture. Even the place where the inn should be can be distinguished. However there is no small white building present. This can mean two things. First of all the inn may be a fabrication of Simenon, which is undoubtedly possible, but in light of the usual method not at all evident, or the inn was not yet built, which is also possible because the postcards dates from about 15 to 20 years before the novel was written (1931).
Vente à la
La maison
du juge
Mon ami
Maigret à
L'Auberge aux
Le notaire de
M.Gallet, décédé
Le charretier de
"La Providence"
Chez les
Some views of the village of Morsang-sur-Seine in the period this story is set.
From top to bottom:
- Mediasys - Images de la France d'autrefois. Old postcard of the restaurant "Au Vieux Garçon" which is actually mentioned in the novel.
- Sketch of situation: G. de Croock.
- Cover of the Dutch edition "De tweestuiversherberg" Zwarte Beertjes 847, A.W. Bruna & Zoons Uitgeversmij b.v., Utrecht, 1985.
- Mediasys - Images de la France d'autrefois. Old postcard of the church of Morsang-sur-Seine.
- Mediasys - Images de la France d'autrefois. Old postcard of the center of Morsang-sur-Seine.
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(3) Georges Simenon, La guinguette à deux sous, 1931. Excerpt translated in English by G. de Croock out of the Dutch edition, Maigret en de Tweestuiversherberg, vertaling K.H. Romijn, Bruna Pockethuis b.v., Utrecht,1985.
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