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Maigret-of-the-Month lists

Gérard Depardieu as Maigret in Maigret et la jeune morte

10/27/2019 –

Auteuil is out… and Depardieu is in!

Gérard Depardieu has replaced Daniel Auteuil as Maigret in the new film version of Maigret et la jeune morte directed by Patrice Leconte (Cine-@ and F Comme Film) slated for release next year.
La Voix du Nord

Mattias Siwemyr

Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case screening
9/4/2019 – I’ve lurked on site in and out a long time. Impressed by the breadth and depth.

I wanted to note the upcoming screenings this weekend in Santa Monica, California at Aero Theatre, an installment of the French film noir series, including a screening of the Jean Gabin “Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case”, and other French films of a similar aesthetic and mood, which might interest the forum.


Maigret in Polish
9/4/2019 –

No report for a long time about progress in the publication of the complete Maigrets in Polish. Here's what the past 2 years produced:

Maigret się bawi
Maigret s'amuse

Maigret podróżuje
Maigret voyage

Maigret na wakacjach
Les Vacances de Maigret
(June 2019)

Maigret ma skrupuły
Les Scrupules de Maigret

Maigret i wyższe sfery
Maigret et les vieillards

Maigret i hurtownik win
Maigret et le marchand du vin

all the best from Toruń

Murielle's new Maigret book!

8/30/19 –


Le commissaire Maigret est l'un des personnages les plus attachants et les plus complets de la littérature. « Fin limier », « commissaire-nez », Maigret enquête en reniflant les âmes...

Il naît sous la plume de Georges Simenon en 1929 et s'étoffe d'une multitude de petits détails au gré de 75 romans et 28 nouvelles jusqu'à sa mise à la retraite littéraire en 1972.

Il a fallu plus de douze ans d'une recherche minutieuse pour rassembler, en treize chapitres, (presque) tout l'univers du commissaire bourru et pudique : son pardessus, ses pipes, ses péchés mignons, son domicile, boulevard Richard-Lenoir et son bureau au quai des Orfèvres, Mme Maigret, ses souvenirs d'enfance, ses collègues, ses méthodes pour enquêter, Paris, l'Amérique ou l'espace nord, et bien d'autres choses encore. Jules Maigret n'aura plus de mystère pour vous.

Installez-vous confortablement au coin du feu, préparez-vous un verre de prunelle à siroter, attendez que les réverbères étoile la nuit... et plongez dans l'univers de Jules Maigret...

New Penguins

8/3/19 – It will not be long now before the new Penguin publications of the entire series of Maigret novels will be completed.

They published a couple of short stories a year or two ago but I have been unable to discover whether the have plans to publish the rest of the short stories. Does anyone else have any information?

Also, has any more been heard of the original BBC television series of the 1960s starring Rupert Davies, which have been issued on dvd dubbed in German, but not issued in their original English?

Alan Cheshire

Speaking of Maigret... in other books
7/20/19 – I've found a reference to Maigret in Dov Alton's (2019) A Long Night in Paris:
... The wine was good. He hesitated whether to initiate a conversation by complimenting him on the wine, but decided it would seem insincere, even ingratiating.

"Dîtes moi, patron, vous avez l'international au téléphone ici?” The bartender blinked and poured himself a glass from the bottle. A good sign. “I haven't been asked that question in a long time," he said. “You're trying to play Commissaire Maigret? You’re too young and too skinny.”

“No, just forgot my mobile,” Abadi said, trying to bring the conversation back on track.

“Maigret used to sit right there, on the same stool you’re sitting on,” the bartender said. “The actor who played him, that is. Jean Gabin. Every now and then Marlene Dietrich would join him. They knew they could keep to themselves here and no-one would talk.”

“I always say that discretion is the better part of valour,” Abadi said. He even meant it, which was quite dishonest for a spy.


Speaking of Maigret

News from Les Amis de Georges Simenon

3/24/19 –

A new novel by Pierre Simenon, Georges Simenon's son, announced to appear April 4,"L’enfant de Garland Road". His two previous books were "De père à père" and "Au Nom du Sang Versé".

Le Figaro Scope, Jan 30-Feb 5, the 30th anniversary of the year of the author's death, "Le Paris du commissaire Maigret", including contributions by John Simenon and Loustal...

New Maigret Film - Maigret et la jeune morte - 2020

3/7/19 –

It was announced on March 6 that director Patrice Leconte is preparing a version of Maigret et la jeune morte which will preliminarily be released next year. Popular actor Daniel Auteuil (Jean de Florette 1986, Mon meilleur ami 2006 et al) will play Maigret.

More here

Mattias Siwemyr

Speaking of Maigret... in other books
1/23/19 – I've found a reference to Maigret in Colin Cotterill's first (2004) Dr. Siri book... The Coroner's Lunch:
During his stay in Paris decades before, he’d taken delight in the weekly serializations of one Monsieur Sim in the L’Oeuvre newspaper. They followed the investigations of an inspector of the Paris police force who was able to solve the most complicated of mysteries with the aid of nothing more lethal than a pipe of tobacco.

By the time he got to Vietnam, Siri was more than pleased to learn that Monsieur Sim had restored his name to its full Simenon, and that Inspector Maigret mysteries were now appearing as books. The French in Saigon had shelves of them, and a number found their way north to be read by those communist cadres who’d spent their formative years in France.

Siri had been able to solve most of the mysteries long before the detective had a handle on them — and he didn’t even smoke...


Speaking of Maigret

1930 Paris Métro Map
1/21/19 –

(click to enlarge)

Here's an image of a 1930 Paris Métro map I've found... Interesting... you can see, for example, the now-closed St-Martin station, between République and St-Denis, which is mentionned in one of the Maigrets...


More old Paris Métro and street guides here

Coming exhibit on Loustal-Simenon
1/16/19 – An exhibition will take place at the Bilipo ( Bibliothèque des littératures policières ) starting next March 6th through June 30th. More news to come. Loustal has illlustrated many Simenon books and Maigret novels


(click to enlarge)

previous Loustal exhibit - 2014

Typo in synopsis of Maigret et son mort
12/30/18– Enjoyed reading your synopsis of Maigret et son mort [MOR] as it was broadcast quite late last night and I couldn’t stay up to watch the whole thing.

I think there’s a typo in the sentence:

A stakeout of the hospital where Maria is kept results in two more gang members, one shot by another, and own captured...
which should read:
A stakeout of the hospital where Maria is kept results in two more gang members, one shot by another and now captured...

Best regards,
Mark Bush

Thanks, Mark! A small caveat -- the plot summaries correspond to the published texts, and don't always match up perfectly with the various TV and cinema adaptations...


Maigret et ses verres

Risto Rank has written from Finland to report the publication (in July of this year, in French) of his book, Maigret et ses verres, "une description humoristique mais fidèle et chaleureuse des habitudes du héros de Simenon en matière de boisson" [a humorous but faithful and warm description of Simenon's hero's drinking habits], available via Books on Demand (France) at most online booksellers.

Simenon in Paris-soir - 1937
11/18/18 – Jérôme has just sent a link to full-page images of Paris-soir issues at Retro News, in which a series of articles by Simenon appeared in 1937. Murielle reports that they are also available at Gallica.

Below is a (slightly enhanced) image of the page 1 introduction to the series (which you can see at those above links), from Paris-soir February 6, 1937, followed by a link to a transcription of it, and then my translation.

There are links under the translation to both a transcription of the the first article in the series (in French), which appeared on p. 5, and my English version.

The subject of the article, Police Emergency Servics (Police-Secours) is a familiar theme in the Maigrets, and Murielle and I included a brief discussion in Maigret's World, which you can read here.

French transcription

and a translation...

February 6, 1937

Begins Today
A Great Reportage
from Georges Simenon

Emergency Services,
The New Mysteries of Paris

How crime takes a different face
from one neighborhood to another in Paris,
and how with the same courage and similar methods,
it is pursued everywhere, and usually punished

The secret life of Paris has greatly changed since Eugène Sue [1804-1857] wrote his famous novel, "Les Mystères de Paris" [pub. 1842-43]. The methodical and scientific organization of our police has made life more difficult for criminals of all types.

But if the Apaches are just a memory, or if they have changed their name, evil still lurks in the districts of the immense city. To detect it, men keep watch night and day over the safety of the citizens. How successful are they at their task? How are we protected? How are we defended? Do the dramas of today resemble those of the days of Vautrin, Javert, or Bonnot, and do calls for help still pierce the night, as they did in the time of seedy gambling joints and streetwalkers? That's what we've asked Georges Simenon, the famous novelist, to explain to our readers.

In the remarkable series of articles that we are now beginning to publish, Georges Simenon will show how crime takes a different face from one district to another in Paris, and how, with the same courage, the same spirt of self-denial and similar methods, it is everywhere pursued, and usually punished. Georges Simenon will tell us a series of true stories which, in their human simplicity, constitute a veritable fresco of the "New Mysteries of Paris".

READ ON PAGE 5 : Citizens, the Police Keep Watch"
LIRE EN PAGE 5 : Citoyens, la police veille"

Maigret with Gambon still the best
11/12/18 – Finally, I had a chance to see the new Maigret movie with Mr. Bean, Maigret in Montmartre. It was on TV here last Saturday on the public television network. I was looking forward to seeing Mr. Bean's Maigret since it was announced a couple of years ago, and so I was quite excited about this opportunity.

But I changed the channel after about 30 minutes. The events on the screen were developing too slowly, typical of British mysteries that focus on testing a viewer's intelligence rather than on just providing entertainment. To be exciting, a mystery movie must 'hook' the viewer in the first few minutes: in this case, what I saw was more confusing than interesting. If I did not know the story well, I would not have figured out what was happening from what I saw on the screen. They just lost me.


re: Puzzling passage in M. Gallet, décédé
11/6/18 – "Tu as raison… articula-t-il pour lui-même en regardant avec plaisir le décor familier. Du moment qu'il est enterré…"

To understand what Maigret means by "du moment qu'il est enterré" you need to link it with his reflections just before he went home, and with what he would say to his chief after that.

Maigret is reflecting on this case of a suicide that Gallet tried to disguise as murder so that his wife could get the life insurance money. That's why Maigret tells his wife that she's right: since Gallet has been buried, it wouldn't be worth revealing the "trick" about this suicide (as shown by Maigret's thoughts just after his answer to his wife, "Tout un écheveau embrouillé d'intérêts, de haines, de procès à n'en plus finir…")... so it's better to "bury" the whole case, just as Gallet has been buried, and will probably be soon forgotten…


Puzzling passage in M. Gallet, décédé
11/5/18 –

Feb. 10, 2004: Roddy Campbell posts a question to the Forum about the Maigret-of-the-Month, Monsieur Gallet, décédé. (You can see it here, in Archive 7....)

Fourteen years later, a reply...

Mentioning Mme Maigret’s small rôle in this novel Roddy comments:

I have to admit that I am rather puzzled about the exchange between her and her husband, and I wonder if this is the fault of the translation. The whole conversation reads as follows:
"You look as though you have just come from a funeral!" remarked Madame Maigret, when he got home to his flat in Boulevard Richard-Lenoir.... "Have you had something to eat?"
"I have," he said to himself, looking round, happy to be back in the familiar surroundings. "From the moment he was buried..." He added, though she couldn't have understood, "However, I would rather deal with a real genuine corpse, killed by a proper murderer…."

Peter Foord later replied:

The French text for the passage in Chapter 11(Penguin edition, page 135) is as follows (taken from the first edition, Fayard, 1932 page 247):
— Tu as l'air de revenir d'un enterrement! remarqua Mme Maigret quand il pénétra dans son logement du boulevard Richard-Lenoir… Tu as mangé, au moins?
— Tu as raison… articula-t-il pour lui-même en regardant avec plaisir le décor familier. Du moment qu'il est enterré… Il ajouta, sans quelle pût comprendre:
— Quand même!… Je préfère m'occuper d'un vrai mort, tué par un véritable assassin…
The translator for the Penguin edition, Margaret Marshall, has followed Simenon's text closely.

However, the translation is actually not correct.

“Tu as raison” is not “I have” ( answering her question whether he had eaten) but “You’re right” (responding to her observation that he looked as if he’d been to a funeral).

"Du moment qu’il est enterré" is not at all “From the moment he was buried”, but rather “[You’re right, I must look as if I’ve been to a funeral] since (=because) he has been buried”.

I presume Maigret’s last sentence means that he’d rather investigate a real murder than a suicide disguised as murder.

Stuart Brown

Penguin Maigret - Maigret
9/12/18 –

a review by Andrew Walser

This is the last of the Fayard novels – the nineteen Maigrets that Georges Simenon published with that Parisian company between 1931 and 1934. In his biography, Pierre Assouline reports that Simenon wanted to retire his most famous character and go to work on romans durs, the “real novel[s]” that he was convinced would make his literary reputation. He wanted to be Balzac or Proust or Flaubert. Although the hiatus lasted less than a decade, it does allow us to look at Maigret as a kind of conclusion – one that both sums up and illuminates the eighteen volumes that came before it.

In the novel, Maigret is drawn out of retirement – which was looming in the last book, Lock No. 1 – by a crisis involving his nephew Philippe, a young cop who loses his composure at a crime scene and ends up making himself the prime suspect:

“Please don’t be angry with me, Uncle. I don’t know myself how it happened. I can barely remember. In any case, I fired a shot, because I thought I saw something move. I rushed forwards and then stopped. I thought I heard footsteps, whisperings. But there was nothing but emptiness.”

We might start by noting a couple things about Maigret’s return to Paris.

First, he finds himself in an ambivalent position – revered by many members of the Police Judiciare, but also treated with a certain condescension, as if he were playacting or intruding by reappearing at the Quai des Orfèvres. He has put on some weight, after all, and become a bit soft while puttering around in his “little house in the Loire.” Look at him as analogous to Michael Jordan on the Washington Wizards – still a great player, but in danger of tarnishing his legacy merely by returning.

Second, he has missed the demimonde more than he might admit. He clearly enjoys questioning Cageot, the owner of the club where the murder took place, and relishes the company of Fernande, an attractive young prostitute whose body the narrative describes in unusual detail. Looking back on the Fayard novels, one realizes that contact with this side of life – with the criminal, the marginal, the disreputable – is for Maigret a means of balancing domesticity and danger, of having a life of adventure without giving up his safe sanctuary on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir.

Because of his time away, the other officers can now see Maigret’s difference more clearly. The new division chief Amadieu points out that an up-to-date investigator would tend to look askance at Maigret’s way of working:

“Usually you get involved in people’s lives; you try to understand their thinking and you take as much interest in things that happened to them twenty years earlier as you do in concrete clues.”

In other words, criminology is less important to Maigret than psychology. Solving a crime is a matter of understanding the individuals before you in all their complexity, not following a set of standard procedures or looking assiduously for leads. In this novel, we see that his psychological insight allows Maigret to know the weak spots of his opponents – to manipulate them, one might say, into making his job easy. It puts him in the position of an author maneuvering his characters.

This may be what makes the Fayard novels so distinctive, what distances them not just from the pulp fictions of the day, but from predecessors like Arthur Conan Doyle and contemporaries like Agatha Christie. The patient modesty of his method allows Maigret to withdraw into a kind of invisibility, to create the illusion that each case solves itself. A similar desire to vanish may have animated Simenon’s attempt at retirement. He had become inseparable from his character, and that identity made it harder and harder for him to recede from the texts, to keep the focus on the tale and not the teller.

Assouline, Pierre. Simenon. trans. Jon Rothschild. New York, Knopf, 1997.
Simenon, Georges. Maigret. trans. Ros Schwartz. London: Penguin, 2015.

re: Maigret Short Stories?
9/7/18 – A Maigret Christmas And Other Stories is being issued in paperback on 25 October 2018 (9780241356746). The Penguin website lists no other publication of short stories, at least before July 2019.

Ward Saylor

Maigret Short Stories?
9/6/18 – Does anyone know if Penguin are going to publish another collection of Maigret short stories as they did last Christmas?

Alan Cheshire


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Maigret of the Month - 2012

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JanuaryUne erreur de Maigret - Maigret's Mistake (1936)
FebruaryL'Amoureux de Madame Maigret - Madame Maigret's Admirer (1939)
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NovemberCeux du Grand Café - The Group at the Grand Café. (1938)
DecemberL'Homme dans la rue - The Man in the Street (1939)


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JanuaryLa Folle de Maigret - Maigret and the Madwoman (1970)
FebruaryMaigret et l'homme tout seul - Maigret and the Loner (1971)
MarchMaigret et l'indicateur - Maigret and the Informer (1971)
AprilMaigret et Monsieur Charles - Maigret and Monsieur Charles (1972)
MayLa Péniche aux deux pendus - Two Bodies on a Barge (1944)
JuneL'Affaire du Boulevard Beaumarchais - The Mysterious Affair in the Boulevard Beaumarchais (1944)
JulyLa Fenêtre ouverte - The Open Window (1944)
AugustMonsieur Lundi - Mr. Monday (1944)
SeptemberJeumont, 51 minutes d'arrêt - Jeumont, 51 Minutes' Stop! (1944)
OctoberPeine de mort - Death Penalty (1944)
NovemberLes Larmes de bougie - Death of a Woodlande (1944)
DecemberRue Pigalle - In the Rue Pigalle (1944)


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JanuaryMaigret et le clochard - Maigret and the Bum (1963)
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MarchMaigret et le fantôme - Maigret and the Ghost (1963)
AprilMaigret se défend - Maigret on the Defensive (1964)
MayLa Patience de Maigret - Maigret Bides His Time (1965)
JuneMaigret et l'affaire Nahour - Maigret and the Nahour Case (1966)
JulyLe Voleur de Maigret - Maigret's Pickpocket (1967)
AugustMaigret à Vichy - Maigret in Vichy (1968)
SeptemberMaigret hésite - Maigret Hesitates (1968)
OctoberL'Ami d'enfance de Maigret - Maigret's Boyhood Friend (1968)
NovemberMaigret et le tueur - Maigret and the Killer (1969)
DecemberMaigret et le marchand de vin - Maigret and the Wine Merchant (1970)

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JanuaryMaigret tend un piège - Maigret sets a trap (1955)
FebruaryUn échec de Maigret - Maigret's Failure (1956)
MarchMaigret s'amuse - Maigret's Little Joke (1957)
AprilMaigret voyage - Maigret and the Millionaires (1958)
MayLes Scrupules de Maigret - Maigret Has Scruples (1958)
JuneMaigret et les témoins récalcitrants - Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses (1959)
JulyUne confidence de Maigret - Maigret Has Doubts (1959)
AugustMaigret aux assises - Maigret in Court (1960)
SeptemberMaigret et les vieillards - Maigret in Society (1960)
OctoberMaigret et le voleur paresseux - Maigret and the Lazy Burglar (1961)
NovemberMaigret et les braves gens - Maigret and the Black Sheep (1962)
DecemberMaigret et le client du samedi - Maigret and the Saturday Caller (1962)

Maigret of the Month - 2007

JanuaryMaigret au "Picratt's" - Maigret in Montmartre (1951)
FebruaryMaigret en meublé - Maigret Takes a Room (1951)
MarchMaigret et la grande perche - Maigret and the Burglar's Wife (1951)
AprilMaigret, Lognon et les gangsters - Maigret and the Gangsters (1952)
MayLe Revolver de Maigret - Maigret's Revolver (1952)
JuneMaigret et l'homme du banc - The Man on the Boulevard (1953)
JulyMaigret a peur - Maigret Afraid (1953)
AugustMaigret se trompe - Maigret's Mistake (1953)
SeptemberMaigret à l'école - Maigret Goes to School (1954)
OctoberMaigret et la jeune morte - Maigret and the Young Girl (1954)
NovemberMaigret chez le ministre - Maigret and the Calame Report (1954)
DecemberMaigret et le corps sans tête - Maigret and the Headless Corpse (1955)

Maigret of the Month - 2006

JanuaryL'Inspecteur Cadavre - Maigret's Rival (1944)
FebruaryMaigret se fâche - Maigret in Retirement (1947)
MarchMaigret à New York - Maigret in New York (1947)
AprilLes Vacances de Maigret - No Vacation for Maigret (1948)
MayMaigret et son mort - Maigret's Special Murder (1948)
JuneLa première enquête de Maigret, 1913 - Maigret's First Case (1949)
JulyMon ami Maigret - My Friend Maigret (1949)
AugustMaigret chez le coroner - Maigret at the Coroner's (1949)
SeptemberMaigret et la vieille dame - Maigret and the Old Lady (1950)
OctoberL'Amie de Mme Maigret - Madame Maigret's Own Case (1950)
NovemberLes Mémoires de Maigret - Maigret's Memoirs (1951)
DecemberUn Noël de Maigret - Maigret's Christmas (1951)

Maigret of the Month - 2005

JanuaryL'affaire Saint-Fiacre - Maigret Goes Home (1932)
FebruaryChez les Flamands - The Flemish Shop (1932)
MarchLe port des brumes - Death of a Harbormaster (1932)
AprilLe fou de Bergerac - The Madman of Bergerac (1932)
MayLiberty Bar - Liberty Bar, Maigret on the Riviera (1932)
JuneL'écluse n° 1 - The Lock at Charenton (1933)
JulyMaigret - Maigret Returns (1934)
AugustLes Caves du Majestic - Maigret and the Hotel Majestic (1942)
SeptemberLa Maison du juge - Maigret in Exile (1942)
OctoberCécile est morte - Maigret and the Spinster (1942)
NovemberSigné Picpus - Maigret and the Fortuneteller (1944)
DecemberFélicie est là - Maigret and the Toy Village (1944)

Maigret of the Month - 2004

JanuaryLe chien jaune - The Yellow Dog
FebruaryM. Gallet décédé - Maigret Stonewalled
MarchLa nuit du carrefour - Maigret at the Crossroads
AprilLe charretier de la Providence - Maigret Meets a Milord
MayLa tête d'un homme - A Battle of Nerves
JuneUn crime en Hollande - Maigret in Holland
JulyPietr-le-Letton - Maigret and the Enigmatic Lett
AugustLe pendu de Saint-Pholien - Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets
SeptemberAu rendez-vous des Terre-Neuvas - The Sailor's Rendezvous
OctoberLa danseuse du Gai-Moulin - Maigret at the Gai-Moulin
NovemberLa guinguette à deux sous - Maigret and the Tavern by the Seine
DecemberL'ombre chinoise - Maigret Mystified



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