Avatar 20, p. [14]


[Michael Kindman]

What a waste it would have been, thinking how I came all this way and did not talk to Mel. But I sit here and I'm glad. Why am I glad? l am afraid to talk to him. I am timid to go in and say, "Hello, I'm Mike and I came to talk to you." with big exuberant exclamation points.
But I sit here all nervous and glad to retreat unnoticed to a corner.
There is greatness in the next room... too much for me to touch without getting burned bad, burned good. I never in my life met anybody who I did not feel as if I could crush, who I was better than... didn't need to listen to.
I can't touch Mel... I just listen to low talking in the next room.
This is so good. People rap about how Mel is on an ego-trip, blowing himself up with self-importance. He is important, but it's not for him that you say it. You say it for yourself... he doesn't need it. He knows.
We all need Mel.


[Kindman reprints this letter in his
My Odyssey Through the Underground Press, "Settling In". ]