U and I


[inside front cover]

Here we are again, you and I. Between us we make a world.
What kind of a world is it? That's up to us. If we have no relationship,
then between us is a void.
But if we speak personally, it opens up endless possibilities.
Life takes on a new dimension. Each of us has an inner voice.
Let's stop and listen.

In one way or another, we all have a need for personal
communication. That's why this publication is called U and I.
It's intended as a new kind of dialogue an ongoing exchange
between many different people, speaking from their own
experiences, feelings and thoughts.
Whatever comes out of this moment will create the next.
One real question can generate a night's talk, a good fight,
a life's work, maybe even the next issue.

But now, let's step into the center of the country, and
perhaps the center of ourselves . . . .


[final page]

Where are we going?

To the inquisition
where the world is on trial

By singing bawdy songs to heedless passers by
we hope to earn enough to bribe the righteous ones
And set our crazy world free

Sing my brothers
Sing desperately!


©United Illuminating Inc., 1986

Mel Lyman