U and I


[inside front cover]

This publication is offered to you with no explanations, no bylines or credentials. It does not set about to sell anything, prove anything, or change anything. It is a series of open and unusual conversations about the things that concern us all.
Think of it as a journey we are taking together. Pretend that we are strangers on a train, you and I traveling somewhere that we have never been before. Let's not introduce ourselves, or ask all the usual questions like, "Who are you?" and "What do you do?" It is so much more fun to discover these things along the way. Let's begin with no preconceived ideas about each other, no judgments, no categories. Rather let us take a leap of blind faith from one reality to another, from an external world to a world of inner thoughts, feelings and experiences. This foreign land that we are traveling through is a place where one is not afraid to laugh or cry, to admit failure and defeat, to risk love and aspire to beauty. Let us ask difficult questions and give honest answers, and by no means be objective. Who knows what we will find on this uncharted voyage. Let us begin with a song, and see where it leads us.


[inside back cover]

If I believe it, it will be so.
Give me belief in goodness growing,
In epic love,
In simple charity,
And a subtle knowledge of sin.
And give me time to voice belief,
Clothed in my own strange clothes.


©United Illuminating Inc., 1985

Mel Lyman