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No. 10, October 13, 1967, p. 17

Darlings, I'm back again...

Would you believe that nasty Mayor of Cambridge hates the flower children? All the rents are going up on people who wear longish hair and pretty clothes. And all because of those so called Diggers, who need baths and an honest outlook. At any rate they deserve one another.

Speaking of Mayors, it seems Mayor Baba is a very "in joke" that was created by Jackie Gleason and Jimmy Durante for a comedy routine. Jackie Gleason was going to be a spiritual leader and Jimmy was his dead master. It still hasn't gotten down to earth.

The dashing Jim Kweskin's jug band is back in town after a tour. Get this inner turmoil: the violinist, Dick, has a violent passion for Maria. Maria talked it over with Geoff. Geoff talked it over with Jim. Jim talked it over with Marilyn, Marilyn talked it over with Maria. Fritz said "ho-fucking-hum". And by that time there was absolutely nothing left of the love affair. Pity! However, Billy Keith checked into a motel with a lady (?) as Mr. and Mrs.. I didn't know you were married, sweetheart.

Last, but not least, Ravi Shankar plans to do an appearance with the jug band. He feels the washboard and sitar can only EXPAND consciousness.

Music, music in the air. For Togetherness Week, Joan Baez, Barbra Streisand, Peter Seeger, Frank Sinatra, the Jefferson Airplane and Renata Tebaldi are giving a group concert in Madison Square Garden. It will be sponsored by Joan Crawford's Help The Handicapped funds.

More movies, loves... Warner Brothers is planning on making a big budget musical comedy, about hippies and communal living, a sex-in-the-subcultures sort of thing, and they are using the Fort Hill Community in Roxbury as a basis. It seems that Kirk Douglas is playing a mad painter again, from Vincent Van Gogh to Eben Given.Anna Magnani will play his wife Sophie. Omar Sharif as David. Grace Kelly returns to the screen as Faith. Jimmy Cagney who makes a million dollars a movie these days will play the friendly astrologer, Joey, and Mia Farrow will play Melinda. Wally Cox is playing the erotic Mr. Fox. The ravishing Elizabeth Taylor will play Jessie and the inimitable Ozzie Nelson will play their great leader, Mel Lyman.

Speaking of Mel Lyman... while he has bean in New York disguised as a junkie, and living with an ex-Chelsea girl, his exquisite wife flew to Costa Rica with Marlon Brando. Her excuse:"I just can't tell them apart."

Women of America... guess what I just heard. Walter Chrysler who has been in and out of just about everyone, claims that he went in and out of John Wayne!

Providence I hear you. Is the beautiful Betty-Ann still "hung-up" with Mr. Hung-Up himself, Gordon Parsons? They make a lovely couple. Betty Ann used to be Elvis Presley's old girl friend.

Sister Maria Carrita is doing something at the Boston TeaParty pretty soon. God knows what. Ray Riepen can't seem to be able to get out of that spiritual bag.

Owen De Long for President!

Jack Goddard, of the Village, is alive and in the Big Sur.

I love you


Mel Lyman