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No. 9, September 29, 1967, p. 9


Tim Leary threw a party in order to raise money for his defense fund, and among the "drop-ins" was Huntington Hartford. Mr. H.H. is rumored to have said that as soon as he can unload his museum, he plans to give all his time and money to Tim for his defense. It seems they all tripped together a few weekends ago. Tim led the session and Dick Alpert did a dirty dance in a sequinned jock.

Movies, movies, that's all that's happening ... even overground. Warren Beatty is playing a speed freak who finds God on LSD and becomes a social worker. God is played by that new-comer Mel Lyman who among other things, can sing and dance. Andy Whorhol was evidently asked to do the filming, but "couldn't get into it" having had no experience with LSD, or Warren Beatty.

In Boston, the trial continues. Joseph Oteri's star witness is very hush hush, but Emperor Highly Selassi just arrived via private jet and seemed Highly Delighted with Allen Ginzberg's present of three ounces of Panama Gold. Allen, by the way, has shaved his beard and gone on a strict macrobiotic diet. Whoever heard of a fat spiritualist? He's here for the international bowling championships.

Jack Kerouac is alive and in Cincinnati.

Jonas Mekas just opened his two new buildings in the East Village to house the New York underground film people. Bobby Darin flew in from Vegas for the opening. Our own Andrea, of Mandrake Book Store fame, was seen on the arm of Bobby Kennedy. Andrea always said she was doomed to a short but glorious life. Ethel's probably making it with Charlie Guiliano.

Superspade is dead. Long live Chandler.

Bob, beautiful, Dylan is still recuperating — he's shaved his head, grown a beard, is writing poetry on his casts and bringing it all back home with Al Grossman's wife.

Which reminds me, what is Al Grossman doing hanging out at the Boston Tea Party? Everyone's been there lately. Peter Paul and Mary came up to see the action and Lynda Bird Johnson was seen frugging with Ronald Ray Riepen to Country Joe and the Fish. Mr. Riepen being the owner of the Tea Party is probably Boston's most swinging bachelor, but his heart belongs to spiritual salvation and United Illuminating.

Shirley Temple's doing it. Our own Ronnie Reagen's doing it. Even Jimmy Stewart and Pat Brown are doing it. Let's do it. Let's all turn on.

Robert Lowell is secretly planning to overthrow the government by thrashing Bob MacNamera to death with laurel rushes. Speaking of flower power, Mrs. LBJ invited Emmet Grogan, Sonny and Cher and all the little flower children to a brunch in honor of her "Beautify America" program. The idea is to get them all to work to plant flowering shrubs across the United States ... a "plant-in".

Judging from the new cover of Broadside, you might say every chick on the East Coast has seen T. Rush between her legs.

Nancy Sinatra is a faggot.

That's all for now,
love and kisses,

Mel Lyman