"A magazine produced by the Lyman Family called Pluto appeared in New York, but it only lasted one issue." Paul Mills, "An American Avatar: Mel Lyman", Fusion, April 16, 1971.


An Occult Magazine for the Devil's Country
First Cycle - New York City - Fifty Cents

The greatest thing about Pluto Magazine is that for the moment it has no purpose. The magazine has not been set up to change anyone or anything.

The writing of astrology in this paper is to get you all together through the use of a common language. Astrology is a big bore. But since most people are so into 'learning' something, a few very true teachings have been written for you to get off on. Once you've been turned on, the next step is to learn about the planet Pluto. What it is. How mankind feels its influences. Who Plutonians are. And how to recognize them. Once all this is realized, then perhaps you as readers will create a purpose for Pluto Magazine.

The staff of Pluto are from somewhere else. They are not earthlings. But you should not allow this truth to become a limitation. For they have been on this planet observing, and have no choice but to bring to you the very essence of Pluto — that essence the world shall feel devastatingly in the coming months and years as never before in history. Though in disguise, these creatures seem warm enough, friendly and almost human. They are here to serve you, and as proof of their good faith they have included light kinda hip things like fashion, sex and astrology or gifts and astrology. But there is something else that oozes within these pages. For those of you who can not or will not recognize it, then you're still free to dig astrology or to just groove on the humor. But for those who take the time, or who possess that great want deep within, then you will be able to recognize the more. The choice is still yours.

offices: 25 St. Marks Place, New York
phone: 212-475-1700
published by Grafton Productions, Ltd.
204 W. 20th St., N.Y.
Marv Grafton, President
©1970 Grafton Propductions

Table of Contents
The Planets Revisited
Women's Liberation
King Pluto
Sex and the Signs
Off the Streets
Fashion - the Fire Signs
A Wise Old Parrot ... Charlie Manson
Daria ... Pluto Interview
Invitation to the Astral World
Moon on Grass
A Plutonian Prince ... Iggy Stooge
Letter to Pluto

Mel Lyman