No. 21, March 15, 1968, p. [16]

Sight and Sound

On Fort Hill, with Mel Lyman, our principle task is communication, to master every instrument necessary for us to become totally conscious in what Mel describes as "the World of Sight and Sound". Our music, our writing, our photographs, our painting, and our newspaper are some of these instruments and, like the links of a chain, each has to lead to, support and embrace the others: they are equal and inseparable.

That Mel is going to be working with films rather than the newspaper is not a change, it is the natural path to continue with, it, is adding another link, the largest link yet, a link SO large that it is able to contain all the others. It will contain the AVATAR, it will BE the AVATAR, it will be Mel.

Work with film has actually been going on for more than a year now on the Hill. With unbelievably basic equipment, Mel and Joey and David have spent months without interruption creating 8mm movies and soundtracts which contain more power and grace than most 35mm productions could possibly approach, but again, all as practice, as preparation for what is happening now, the creation of the Avatar Film Company.

We are setting up facilities which will enable us to handle every aspect of producing 16mm movies, from the actual processing to the eventual distribution. So we will be able to be responsible for each of these steps ourselves; to have the complete, control necessary to master any instrument.

A production such as this is going to require enormous financial and equipment resources, for the more we are able .to work with, the more efficient this medium becomes.

Therefore I am asking that anyone who is interested or able to contribute production funds, a equipment or their time, please contact us. The items we need most are a Nagra tape recorder with film sound-sync facilities, high quality microphones, editing equipment for 16mm and someone with experience in using a film processing machine. Also, we can always use tape and film. The production is beginning NOW, any assistance you can give is necessary.

George Peper
1 Fort Avenue Terrace
Roxbury, Massachusetts