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Actor finds his life took unplanned turn. Kurkjian and Robin.
After Two Oft-Troubled Decades. Roger Wolmuth.
Ah, to Be Young and Stupid Again. Seth Gordon.
American Avatar. (magazine).
An American Avatar: Mel Lyman. Paul Mills.
Antonioni's Newest Superstars.
Apocalypse Culture. Adam Parfrey
Autobiography of a World Saviour. [Mel Lyman].
Avatar (newspaper).
Avatar and Fort Hill. Steve Kovaka.
Avatar in New York. Joey Goldfarb.
Avatar & American Avatar articles & columns by Mel Lyman.
Avatar closes its Mel. Robert L. Levey.
Avatar descends on Boston. Jane Harriman.
Avatar Explains its Side. Jeremiah V. Murphy.
Avatar Forces the Issue. Susan E. Davis.
Avatar: Notes from A Sober Underground. Michael Horowitz.
Avatar to be banned in Cambridge?.
Baby Let Me Follow You Down. von Schmidt & Rooney.
Benton Bash to be April 13. The Star's staff.
Boston Sound, The. Wayne McGuire.
Commitment and community. Rosabeth Moss Kanter.
Comment from Ed Jordan. Ed Jordan.
Commune Became His 'Family'. Diane Samms Rush
Commune's image belied reality. Katharine Paine.
Correction to Felton. Maryalice Ogilvie Cheesman.
Conversation between Paul Williams and Mel Lyman.
Cult leader's early years were spent on the move.
Cults. Kathy Reichs.
Dangers of Charisma: Mel Lyman and Fort Hill. David Felton.
Do You Know the Courage Man. Anthony R. Dolan.
Eben Given: Drawings from Avatar.
Epilogue: Valentine's Day.
Fad in Folk Music.
Family Portrait. Diane Samms Rush.
Flower People, The. Henry Gross.
Footnote on Mel Lyman. Bill J. Harrell.
Folk: Jim Kweskin and Co. catch the spirit with Jug Band. Daniel Gewertz.
Fort Hill commune seeks facts in bank holdup death. Joe Pilati.
Fort Hill Community, The. Mel Lyman.
Fort Hill 'Gang' 20 Years Later, The. Matt Carroll.
Fort Hill: Re-inventing Life on a Hilltop in Roxbury. Robert L. Levey.
Fort Hill tower. anonymous.
Friendly Fifty on Fort Hill. Robert L. Levey.
God is Back, He says so himself. L.M. Kit Carson.
God is Mel Lyman. Art Kunkin.
Guin Turner Story: In Her Own Words. Guinevere Turner.
Gunman Killed, 2 Others Arrested in Holdup Try.
Happy Be-In-At Park.
Hohner Blues Harp ad.
How Escalation Brought the Chief to the Bargaining Table. Wayne Hansen.
I dreamt about our old house in the country again last night. Mel Lyman.
In Between. Jonas Mekas. (film).
Incident in Harvard Square. (Boston Magazine)
Is Mel Lyman God? Art Kunkin.
Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band. by Craig Harris.
Jim Kweskin's America. (record album).
John Byrne Cooke's 1964 photos. John Byrne Cooke.
Just Playin' Folks.
Kat. Guinevere Turner.
Learning From The Banjo. Stephen Trussel.
letter from Mel Lyman to his 4th grade teacher.
Loneliness is the sole motivation.
Lyman Family: A Story, The. Bruce Chatwin.
Lyman Family's Holy Siege of America. David Felton. in: Mindfuckers.
Lyman Family's Holy Siege of America, The. David Felton. (Rolling Stone 98) Part I.
Lyman Family's Holy Siege of America, The. David Felton. (Rolling Stone 99) Part II.
Lyman Family's Response to Felton, The.
Lyman Happens at Orleans. Linda Kalver.
lyman, mel. Acton, Le Mond, Hodges.
Man Killed in Robbery Identified.
Mark Frechette: A Manipulated Life. Dave O'Brian.
Mel & Charlie's Women. Ellen Herst.
mel lyman. Landis MacKellar.
Mel Lyman: A mind-control guru or a leader. Matt Carroll.
Mel Lyman - God's Own Story. Laura Whittcomb.
Mel Lyman: in The Broadside
Mel Lyman on Record.
Mel Lyman: Special Place in Family. David Johnston.
Mel Lyman wrote many things.... Alex Simack.
Mirror at the End of the Road. Mel Lyman.
My Odyssey Through the Underground Press. Michael Kindman.
New York Avatar.
Not of the World: A History of the Commune in America. Daniel Cohen.
Notes on the Avatar: The Hill People and the Valley People. Tim Kelly.
Once-Notorious '60s Commune. David Johnston.
On writing "Autobiography of a World Saviour". Mel Lyman.
Plea For Courage. Mel Lyman.
Preface to "Mirror at the End of the Road". Wayne Hansen
Police Kill Gunman in Bank Holdup.
Pushing Upward. Paul Williams.
Quiet Survivors from the 1960s. Brian Burnes.
Ricky Nelson to James Dean.
Roots of Communal Revival 1962-1966. Timothy Miller.
Roxbury Commune Survives on Fort Hill. Seth Cobin.
Showdown at Guru Gulch. Rolling Stone.
'60s commune finds affluence in the '80s. Suzanne Wetlaufer
Sleeping Where I Fall: A Chronicle. Peter Coyote.
So many years have passed.... Alex Simack
Sorry Life and Death of Mark Frechette.
Spaceship interview given via Ouija board. Gary Moore.
Structure of Structure, The.
Transcript of an Interview Between Mel Lyman and Dave Silver.
U and I. Crystal MacLean Field.
U and I. Rob Peterson.
U and I. No. 1.
U and I. No. 2.
Uncovering the Sixties: The Life and Times of the Underground Press. Abe Peck.
Underground Press, The. Jacob Brackman.
Underground Woman, The. Kay Boyle.
United Illuminating. Ralph Earle.
Unlikely Sisterhood, The. Jenny Green.
WBZ Radio interview.
We still are family. Michael Matza.
When E-Prophecy Fails. Brett Sokol.
Where are the listeners?. Bob Sales.
White Revolutionaries Settle in Roxbury. Susan E. Davis.
With rue my heart is laden. Mel Lyman.
World is Dying, The. Richard Herbruck.
Youth in the Youth Culture, A. Steven Heller.