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Letters: The Diggers, Jonny Gude & Eva Lucera
July 23, 1967, p.2

Many of us here in Boston have envied San Francisco. Many of us have wished that there were something in Boston comparable to Haight-Ashbury and the Digger organization. But Boston has a good-sized hippie community of its own, one that is perhaps more vital and more hopeful than New York's tourist ridden Village. It is, therefore, time to stop wishing and start building. With the aid of one or two San Franciscans and a number of vital Bostonians, a Digger house has been started and a Digger organization is beginning to fall into place.

What is the House of Love, and what is it for? In the first place, it is a place where hippies can come and find food and shelter if they have none. If you need work, we can find you odd jobs. We may soon be able to provide clothing and other kinds of help to those who need it. Any hippie who is really hung-up on a problem can come and talk to any of us about it. If he is on a bad trip, he can come and talk it over or at least come off the streets and be with someone. If on the other hand, he is on a good trip, he can come and groove.

Those of you who know much about the Diggers know that they have helped more people than just hippies. San Francisco is perhaps a little less worried about hippies than some other cities, because it has watched a large action group of hippies. Hippies have been known to reach out and help members of the straight community and straight people have been known to help hippies. We do not ever intend for either community to join the other. We are just trying to make life easier for the hippie by helping him convince straight people that hedoes not intend to destroy anyone or anything.

Right now, the Diggers need help from you. We need hands to help us clean and paint your house. We need paint, mattresses , bricks,lumber and building materials, cleaning materials, sheets, blankets, etc. We are open to help anyone who needs us and no one who comes will be asked to pay for anything; but if he can help us or help us find material, we would be grateful.

We feel Boston needs the Diggers and is ready for the Diggers. We are an organization by hippies for hippies. We are not backed by any other group. Come and help us help you.

The Diggers
12 Wilston Street, Allston

In the fall of 1966, Lisa Kindred did a recording session for Vanguard Records. Some of the finest musicians were gathered together, among them Mel Lyman, Jim Kweskin, Terry Bernhardt, Reed Wassen, Bruce Langhorn, Geoff Muldaur and others. Being experts in their field they know where music is at and where it should be.

Though it was the best music ever produced at Vanguard, there were still objections because it did not meet industry standards. Maynard Soloman (President of Vanguard) was unable to adapt his superficial professional standards concerning recording procedures, which demand the featured performer's recording level to be louder than the accompaniment. In truth, he did not understand the music, and everything else connected with it. (For example: Eben Given designed a cover for the album that was also rejected.)

There has never been a record that presented the music as it really was when it was happening. The Lisa Kindred session was just that. The truly openminded listener becomes so involved in the music, that he becomes a part of the music. This is the only way music should be, and if you don't become a part of the music, you aren't really hearing the music. Open your mind, listen to the music with your whole self, and you yourself will become music.

Jonny Gude & Eva Lucera