No. 4, July 21 - August 4, 1967
Tim Kelly: Dear World
p 8

et me correct an error in our last issue. In my article concerning restructuring of the federal government, I offered as explanation for my reasoning "Brooks." Not so. Should read "Grooks," an enlightened and amusing book by Piet Hein. I highly recommend it as idle reading for myriad reasons.

We really ought to get together and build a Library for Today. I was thinking that collections of current literature in one place might be good reference. Whatta think? Any suggestions?

On another vein, about Bob Dylan. According to the Saturday Evening Post, he's cutting records, making flicks, taped tv specials, has grown a beard. Hmmm, I wonder. Seems like there is a definite lack of Mr. Dylan these days. No Dylan at Newport, no Dylan personal appearances, just no Bob Dylan. Seems like I have this notion that a poet, if he really is putting it down like it is, ought to be where it's at (and I wonder about the scene in backwoods New York State). So, where is Dylan? I mean, really, Bobby — where are you at?

And another thing. All this commercial puppy puckey I'm getting shoved down my throat via mass media that goes ceremoniously under the name "psychedelic." Not that it is or isn't, just that I wonder if money isn't really where it's at. Like here I am at rock bottom trying to get something shaking but getting the big bread hassle. Two meals a day are near unheard of and I'm ready to start panhandling like the old days in Washington Square.

Again with the poverty thing? Sorry, world, I know better. So I borrow ten bucks from brother Matt and hit Filene's basement for some new threads. A new image — the straight hippie happened and it was me.

I mean, what the hell, I know where I'm at and where drugs are at for me. I know what I want to do (for you all) and how I want to do it. So, I figure, why not? Physicalness is just physicalness and, really, it doesn't matter that much. Besides, sport shirts are colorful and breezy and cotton pants give ya some air. Right? Right.

Which reminds me. New things are coming. Transcendental meditation and anthropological thought schools will open soon. I've had experience with both in California and both were instrumental in my "development." Kind of get you high by just thinking. I've been able to talk two of my people off speed to try it. Convinced them that thinking is good for ya and it don't rot your brain.

While I'm at it, a word about our "guru," Dr. Timothy Leary. Buddy Burns, writer of and main character in last issue's article titled "Bust 2," went to see the good doctor trying to get some support for a complicated legal hassle which has arisen from that incident. Seems like the doctor was there but wasn't in. "A field of energy," said he, according to Brian Faunce, who went along to handle any business matter which may have arisen. Ph.D. or no Ph.D., seems pretty fishy. Thought that a guru was supposed to teach and help. Hmmm. More about this later. Oh, as point of information, Buddy and Brian ran into Rev. Arthur Kleps while in Milbrook. They were both made Boo-hods in the Neo-American Church, whose ministers administer psychedelic substances as part of their religious ceremony. Buddy is now looking for some facilities (free, if possible) to formally start church proceedings in this area.

Before I end this melange of rap, I have another announcement. As originator of "straight hippieism," I feel compelled to participate in community affairs (particularly those which are in the name of /fun and nonsense). For this reason, I want it made clear that I am not candidate for the office of Mayor at this time.

Love to ya,

Tim Kelly

PS: Seen on the subway: Sign reading, "Think quietly." Wonder who thought that one up.

PPS: Also ran across a poem by Ryo-Nen a Zen nun, I'd like to pass on 'cuz I think it's pretty:

Sixty-six times have these eyes beheld
the changing scenes of Autumn.
I have said enough about moonlight,
Ask me no more.
Only listen to the voice of pines and
cedars, when no wind stirs.

PPS: I love ya, world. I love ya 'cuz you're pretty, and there is a lotta good things ahead if we get it all down. If that happens world, it really will be pretty for everybody. Pretty, hell, it'll be beautiful!


Mel Lyman