No. 3, July 7-20, 1967
p 10

don't know.

I'm an acid head. I use LSD, marijuana, mescaline, peyote, amphetamines, barbituates, alcohol, ice cream, pepsi-cola, and bananas. They get me high. I like to get high. It makes me feel good when I don't and shows me things about myself. I don't recommend that anyone do as I have done. You hassle your own bag, I'll hassle mine.

I have some ideas I would like to share with some one other than myself. THE AVATAR, they tell me, is for just my purpose. Ready? Catch this:

An area designated for para-psychological and occult study coupled with programs designed to bring together factions now split over psychedelics, socio-economic trend interpretation, theological reassessment of human spiritual experience in a natural setting such as Colorado or Montana would be a groovy thing, I think.

Governmental encouragement of automation in industry through subsidy paid to those workers who are replaced by machinery to be retrained through union schools at a living scale comparable to their pre-automated standard could work out to a lot more pleasure time for all to do with what they wished at a higher standard of living.

Whole cities, constructed through both public and private funds and connected by ultra-high-speed mass rapid transit with long-range financing to keep occupancy rates low and including schooling facilities which would be mandatory for occupants on the general conceptual lines of the Disney construction to be built in Florida, could greatly relieve urban congestion in such areas as Harlem, Watts, Chicago's South Side, and provide much needed relief of existing social problems.

Complete reversal of present federal foreign policy to absolute isolationism, coupled with an invitation to all nations on the behalf of our government to provide both manpower and technological knowledge for non-military constructions at their request would, at the same time, disengage our nation from compromising international affairs while still extending a helping hand where it is needed. Interference with nationalistic struggles within foreign governments could not be then used against our country, nor could we be accused of being heartless capitalists. Assurance of our national security seems presently secure through official statements that we have the nuclear power to end it all whenever we want.

A computerized system of electronic devices designed for individual dwellings which would, through the use of television, show the citizenry the actual proceedings in the Congress.

Through the use of a tele-communication device which would register individual votes in a centralized computer in Washington, near instantaneous vote tallying could be made a reality. Check and balance would be possible through insertion of a single card into the home device which would register date, time and place of birth of the voter. Births would, of course, be registered in the computer as they occur and invalid votes would be rejected. Sound like democracy?

Two changes in governmental structure would rebalance the lopsided state caused by expansion in the past 50 years. The House of Representatives should be expanded to include a representative per every 500 citizens and placed on a seperate channel in the home communication device. The office of the Presidency should be expanded to include three individuals rather than one. (Read Brooks for reasoning.)

Invite Mao Tse-Tung to come over and take control. We'd drive him nuts inside of a month.

Enactment of a mandatory 25-year review law of all laws passed on all levels of government in which each law be brought up for public vote every 25 years would keep social legal codes current under existing moral standards.

Government studies of automated farming techniques with co-operation of private industry could, in a few short years, regulate farming production with consumer needs while lifting the now existing burdensome system of overproduction or subsidy.

I am an acid head. I use LSD, marijuana, mescaline, peyote, amphetamines, barbituates, alcohol, ice cream, pepsi-cola, and bananas. They get me high. I like to get high. They make me feel good when I don't, which is often these days.

Tim Kelly

Mel Lyman